No Transition…

We have gone straight from summer to winter here in Melbourne. No autumn, no easing into it, 28 degrees one day and 11 the next. I can’t even handle this.

I have lost interest in purple clair a little bit at the moment, I lost the pattern for a bit, but I have another copy but haven’t really taken it up since this pic:20170403_224235_resized

I have stitches on the stitch holder and I am working on getting 20cm up the thingy before I reach the next step. I have a mild paranoia about not being able to do the last step, so that might be why I have given it a rest.

I went to the footy yesterday for the first time this season, and I had made myself a scarf:


Bombers lost: but at least I was warm with this!

Made the purple beanie for a girl at footy that I promised to make a beanie for (was hoping she had forgotten over summer, but she didn’t) and that’s the progress of my “pattern A” scarf that I have been doing. I do this when I remember, I have sort of lost interest in it, but I will finish it off eventually. Like everything else!

The project that I have been loving at the moment is my Endless Violins.

I am even further than this pic again now, I have almost completed 2.5 pattern repeats now. I have gone on, made a few mistakes, dropped stitches when I changed needles (don’t ask) gone backwards but I am finally in the swing of the pattern and it’s working out so nicely.

I have already decided that I am going to invent an elephant version of this double knitted scarf that I can make with some rainbow wool that I have in my stash that will be super super cool. In my opinion, obviously.


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