Introducing Purple Clair

Yes! I finally got a Silverleaf done and it was awesome! Just need to weave ends and block. Happy with how this one turned out, now I can move on to another project!!


A few “in between” knits… nothing that I have planned but just stuff that I can have a break from the big projects, or in between big projects when I can’t concentrate.

Left to right, another diagonal scarf, this one is complete except for ends, a beanie in the middle with the leftovers from the zig zag lace scarf. I love this one and will keep it for myself, and then while I was knitting my next big project (to come) I was doing the test pattern and realised that it might make a nice scarf, so I am calling the right one “pattern A” scarf. This one is nowhere near complete, just making it from the mill ends from Spotlight. This stuff is ace for quick projects, so I might drop in over the weekend and see if they have any more that I might like. It’s pouring rain and won’t acheive much else this weekend as my three weeks worth of washing was done yesterday and I did a pretty good job of cleaning the kitchen as well!!

Big Project: Clair de Lune. (aka Purple Clair)

Finally. I bought this one when I first joined ravelry. I have changed the yarn that I am using, and I finally read over it and decided it was time to start. It’s autumn here now (fall, for the Americans) so I think it will be a night light cardigan to wear over the top of my work clothes in the middle season. Then when it gets cooler (and this big project is done) I will do a couple of the more solid knits to wear to footy or to work or whatever. 20170326_124834_resized

This is how it has started, I am pretty pleased that it is looking quite a lot like the pattern and the photo in the back! I think it gets easier once I am done with these drapey ends. Though I think the sleeves and things might be a bit of a challenge for me. See how things go hey!

I have also done a fair bit more on Joshua. Yet to take an updated photo, but I think he might be my “footy oval” project, as Purple Clair was too hard to get out and concentrate on while I was at footy Saturday  night. Crochet seems like a better option for footy, and something that I don’t need the pattern for. Footy training and home this one is fine, but not games where I am outside.

I seem to be favouring knitting quite a lot lately. I guess I go through stages. I learned crochet and decided that it was much easier and all I was doing were crochet projects. Now all I seem to be doing is knitting projects once I worked out that I am NOT too dumb to knit silverleaf, so that’s opened my confidence back up to knitting again.

I think I might start working on the big rainbow blanket that I have on the go again, I do want to get that one finished before winter kicks in for good. Though I think blankets are much better to make during winter, serves a dual purpose: keeps you warm as well as working on the project. That’s what I did finishing the blanket that I made for my nan lol.

I also want to make a set of the cabin boots for myself from the cottage tweed black and rainbow stuff that I bought in the spotlight sale. And gloves from the gorgeous Alpaca… so many things that I want to do!! Also need to finished that atrocious collingwood beanie for that kid at footy… I think I might have another crack at that this week, I have a new strategy to deal with it.


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