She drives me Crazy…

Things got a bit crazy last week.

I got sick.

I went home for my brother’s wedding.

I slept a lot.

Why is it that you have to work three times as hard after a sick day just to catch up? I now understand why germy martyrs just come to work instead of taking a day off. It just ruins everything.

I bought a ball of red heart from Big W (a local chain store for the non-Australians) and wanted to just make something easy from it. Aran, fun colours… and these are the things that came from the 1 x 250g ball. I have another in the stash that I think will turn into a baby blanket or something at some stage. Just need to find a cool pattern for it, I am pretty done with granny squares.

Mill ends from Spotlight have become one of my favoutite things I think. under $10 for 400g, they are pretty close to matching and you can get some really nice and soft yarn, even though you have no idea what it is…. This is 200g from a bag that I bought awhile back. Not all people like colour so I thought I might make something simple to put on the market stall, but this one might end up in my cupboard instead. Nice and simple, but it’s so fluffy and nice!


This beauty needed a full size photo. I decided that I needed to use some of the “nice” yarn that I have been holding back from using, and this is the result. I am so happy with the way this pattern is coming out and how it shows off the colours in the yarn. Really stoked with this project.

This one will take up about $40 in yarn. I reckon this will be a keeper for me. I like it too much. But it will definitely be a repeat pattern, fairly simple and repeated over 12 rows. I like it.


This is me finally getting around to blocking a bunch of projects. This is where they go when they are dried. There are another two (my first attempt at silverleaf and the second correct attempt) they are still drying somewhere not in the photo.


Finally, a show off picture.

That’s my 65 mustang in the middle, between the two new ones. I drove it for my brother’s wedding on the weekend 🙂


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