I get motivated now and then…


Made a little beanie for my colleagues new little girl to match the boots from last week. Now the gift basket is complete and the office lady can wrap it up and send it to the mama and baby.

I finished this diagonal scarf, and almost lost it to my mother before the ends were weaved in. It’s so nice and fluffy and warm, but I managed to con it back off her to weave the ends then hid it so it didn’t end up in her suitcase.

I was knitting a beanie in the same yarn that I was making from the same yarn didn’t go as far as I wanted it too… and I ended up too short for a full beanie. So my brain was like “Just reduce and cast off now, call it a messy bun hat!” and I was thrilled with the results. This one is a keeper for me, I love it so much. I might have to make some more of these as they are thick and quick and are ace. I hate taking my hair down to wear a beanie because my hair gets all knotted where it touches my neck, so this is the perfect solution.

Excuse my mess in the background!

I also finished off the end weaving and adding of bling to the V scarves that I had been putting off. The green one was done but I wasn’t happy with how the pendant and beads were hanging, so I fixed those and realised that my banister was the perfect place for me to hang and display them… but it was a bit dark upstairs for a decent photo so they are a bit dark but never mind…

The green scarf has a cute heart shaped pendant and has 16 malachite beads on the ends. I love malachite so I think this is a favourite of mine.

The light purple one has a druzy amethyst pendant, with pink flourite beads on the ends.

The dark purple has a cute oval purple stone with some diamontes, and will have purple agate beads when they arrive. I wasn’t happy with the colour of the ones that I had at home, so ordered some different ones and when they arrive they will go on.

Also I finally hung this one up and took some photos of it to add to the etsy store, this one is a super long and warm scarf, and I love the colours and the tassels.

I spent a heap of time yesterday writing labels and attaching them to everything for the market stall I am going to hold just before winter at the local trash and treasure. I have a picture of my stand in mind, and can’t wait to organise it. I have a few things that I still need to block and organise, but mostly ready to go now. Also I have special packaging for the items that I do sell to make them a bit special as well. Excited!


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