First try baby boots

So I picked the easiest pattern that I had, and gave it a crack. Lady from work is putting together a hamper for a colleague’s baby so I thought I could contribute.

I have tried to make baby boots in the past ( I think I tried to knit them ) and it was an epic fail so I chose a crochet pattern because I find that easier to get a hang of…

I mean they’re not perfect. And they don’t quite match because the yarn changes colour… I am making a matching beanie to “bring it all together” as well, I have the weekend to finish that as the office lady said she’s not wrapping it up until Monday. So that gives me a bit of time when I thought I had none!


I also love this. Hard. I am already planning another one with some rainbow yarn that I have leftover, I think I will team that with a white background though… I am sometimes getting a stitch wrong but it’s mostly going fairly well. and I love how it is turning out. I have worked out how to change a stitch colour as long as it’s in the row that I just knitted and not too far down, so that was a great start. I don’t have to keep unwrapping every stitch to go back to it if I get something wrong. I just knit up to it, change the colour and then keep going. Very clever technique.

I have some knitting time scheduled while Husband is doing a trail marathon tomorrow, so I am pretty sure I will just sit in the car (or in my deck chair) wrapped in a lot of clothes and work on this.


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