Nailed it!

Second time around with the silverleaf pattern came out much better!!

Because I used a DK weight yarn and larger needles, this is what I call a “footy shawl”. Huge and used around 330g of yarn, so it’s like a big blanket as well as a shawl lol. Never mind. I want to have another go with some bright variegated yarn I have still from my first spotlight sale, but I will back off on some of the repeats in the body to make it a bit smaller and not as giant!!

I also had an idea while I was making this scarf of a simple knit stitch scarf but going diagonal. After a couple of false starts I worked it out, and decided to put some eyelets through it as well and this is the progress.

Phone camera doesn’t do this justice. The yarn was a bag of mill ends from spotlight, it’s chunky and soft and has these little purple sequins through it, it’s pretty special. and the pattern seems to be turning out pretty nice too. Pretty proud of myself actually!

Not sure if I will have enough to make a matching beanie, but see how we go. Not sure how I would make a matching beanie anyway unless it was one with ears because I could only knit a rectangle… anyway, we will see what’s left over. I tend to favour giganticly long scarves so there might not be any leftovers at all!!


This is just a picture of my dog. This is what he does every morning when I go downstairs. He sits there on his bed (yes, I said his bed. He has his own room with a queen bed, it’s not my choice he chose….) and he looks out the window contemplating life. There are a couple of crows that sit out there on the light pole that must drive him insane and he has dog daydreams about catching them I am sure.

(He’s looking to the side a bit because I said good morning before I took the photo, and he knows I am there)


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