Double knitting, reknits and knitting machines

So I am having another crack at the silverleaf.

Thicker yarn, bigger needles and with luck a bit more concentration. Ha, yeah right. But let’s see how it turns out. I’ve done the body with a multi coloured thing, but will do the leaves in a plain green just so that the pattern stands out a bit more.


It’s a fair bit bigger than the sport weight original, and I don’t mind that. I have a thing for giant scarves and shawls lol.

I also set up my knitting machine finally!!

To be perfectly fair, I have no idea what I am doing. But, I will get there!!

I am going to knit literally two big squares to make a knitted cushion first up. It’s so fast! And so easy once I get past the first bit!! Then, I plan to make a super long snake of just stockinette stitch, it will curl up and look a bit like a big tube of yarn itself, and I will arm knit a bit blanket from it. Ambitious for me, but I think it will be fun. Currently set up in the lounge to learn how to use it, but I think it will have to move to a different room or I will be banned from doing it while Pete is watching TV. Pretty loud. Either that or I will just do it when he is not home!

I did find a pattern the other day that I fell completely in love with, Endless Violins. So I bought the pattern, opened it up and it was just a chart so I was a bit confused. Because I have NO idea how to double knit…

Google is my friend. I spend a bit of time watching a couple of knitting dudes do it, then I watched a few other things… and eventually got up the guts to give it a try…

And then I got just a bit past this points and realised that I had stuffed up the pattern!!! SO ANNOYING!

Anyway, the progress here got frogged and I will start again on my road trip this weekend I think. Or maybe it might be too hard as a traveller and I may have to take something else a little easier…

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