Your focus needs more focus!

So I am done with the Silverleaf but I am not stoked with it.

I got frustrated a couple of nights back when starting the leaves and pulling it back out… I ended up with the first half of the leaves great and the second half like shit on a shovel, but try and convince my brain to rip it out… no.

I will just keep this semi botched one to myself, and try harder on the next try. Probably a shot at blue for the next one. Damn this made me mad.



Just looks like ripped leaves on the second side there.

Frustrating!!! I would like to make it a bit longer too, so I am going to need to repeat the body rows a bit more I think.

Still need to block this, but I don;t think it’s going to improve my shit knitting and pattern following skills…. At least in terms of time and stuff it was a pretty easy knit, so I definitely won’t mind doing it again. I just know that I need full concentration for the leafy part and I should be ok. And if I get it wrong I need to correct straight away and go back, because if I get too far up the work I won’t pull back because my brain is retarded like that.

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