Started my Silverleaf

I’d been putting this off for ages. I bought the pattern months ago. I picked the yarn. I bought longer knitting needles, because I am a complete fucking spaz when it comes to having a bunch of stitches on the needles and always pulling them off…

Except I kept putting it off. Finding something quicker and easier. Downloading the pattern and reading it again… and getting confused with the abbreviations.

Downloading the pattern and printing it.

Losing the printed pattern and giving up… finally, on Husband’s birthday over the weekend I decided I needed to HTFU and just start.

So I did. and turns out, once you get into the rhythm, the pattern and the abbreviations are not that scary. That’s the exact same thing that happens to be every damn time with those patterns, I get freaked out with all the things that I don’t recognise and just put it off.

Well, I am glad I did finally get around to starting.


A few times early on I had to rip back a few rows because I was getting lost a bit. Getting too carried away and forgetting to do an increase, or somehow getting 16 rows down the line and only having four added stitches instead of 8… But I think I have fallen into a rhythm now and am enjoying the knit.

I love the bright purple, and this will either be a cherished favourite or someone will steal it off my back at the market for themselves. I have stacks for yarn to make many of these, and the chances are that I will.

I may not have enough to make another purple one, but I have stacks of other nice bright colours in the sport weight like a nice blue and a green and even yellows and more demure colours light violet or maroon.

So I think these might be my “Port Mac” projects, the things that I do on the long drive when Husband goes to race in May. I definitely have time on the 14 hour drive there and back, and for the two days when he is occupied with race stuff and I get to hang out by myself. I don’t even care if I look a bit special now, I will just sit there in my deck chair and knit. Or maybe crochet. I haven’t tried using these longer needles in a car yet, they might give me the shits. Even just sitting in the lounge chair I have bruises on my right bicep because I keep banging into the end of the needle.


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