Another weekend of finishing shit

Every now and then I decide that the WIPs I have are getting out of control and have a HUGE mission to finish them. I am a sucker for getting all the knitting or crochet done, calling it finished and moving onto something else, when I still have end weaving and blocking to do.

Admittedly the weekend didn’t achieve any blocking (I think there’s only a couple of scarves that need it anyway) but I did end weave and get some photos and things done!

Sewing: cut out parts of pattern for a bolero and a dress that I want to wear to my brother’s wedding. In the end I got the bolero done but need some more “stuff” for the dress so will need to head to Spotlight at some point to get it.

Generally pretty happy with the way that it turned out, although I think I am going to cut the sleeves shorter and make them 3/4 sleeves. Turns out my swimmers forearms are too large for the way the pattern worked out.

Never fear, I will work it out before the wedding. If it’s going to be a bit cool I will leave them, if it’s going to be warm I will chop them off.

Also depends on if I wear the dress or not, I have a few different ideas of what I want to wear, so I have another dress that I want to make (well, maybe two even) that might make the cut. Maybe I can do one for the hen’s night and then another for the wedding. Apparently I have to dress nicely for the hen’s night too which drives me mad, but never mind.

So that was step one of the weekend.

This project was made from the yarn leftover from the cardigan I made last year. I still have a ball of it yet, and its actually quite nice! I wasn’t a fan of it when I double stranded it to see if I could match the pattern that I had. I might have to have another crack at that pattern and measure myself properly and adjust the pattern like I did for the baby one I did for Ruby. That turned out MUCH nicer. Maybe I will sell the one I made at the market.

This guy turned out way better than I would have thought as well. Nice and thick and feels awesome, and even the coloured yarn turned out a nice diamond pattern. I didn’t have to concentrate too much on keeping the pattern there, every now and then I had to redo a stitch or put a double in, but it was a great mindless one. And I love it. I am thinking about keeping it, or making a few more. I have plenty of this yarn.


I actually finished the matching hat for this one last night, but it’s too loose for my liking. I am making another couple of hats with matching pom poms to suit this so if they don’t like the hat that is with it currently they will have more options.

I had some giant knitting needles that I ordered off ebay arrive, so I got started on learning how to make the broomstick lace stitch, and this is what came out of it.

I bought a few bags of mill ends from Spotlight, basically 400g of yarn in the bag, they kind of match but not always, and this was a stray ball that didn’t quite match the other three in the packet. The yarn is awesome and soft and thick, and I have another couple of bags to experiment with as well, all chunky and really soft.

I finally weaved the ends of my Drop Stitch Scarf, I think it needs blocking though before I can wear it. Love this one, the camera doesn’t show but it has a nice sparkle in the yarn.

I finally got around to adding the extra ball of wall to the super chunky knitted cowl:

I desperately want a jumper that has a bit knitted scoop neck like this, I am going to have to find something to knit and gather the yarn for it for winter. It would be so warm and fluffy!!!

I had half a spare ball of the bright yarn, so just made a random hat with it:


I also had another crack at a cabled hat, and I think this one turned out much better than the first one.

I saw Rory wear a hat on the Gilmore Girls ep that I watched last night that had a combo of big cables and little cables on the hat in a baby blue, and I have the perfect yarn for it at home that my brother gave me for my bday, so that’s on the list now too.

So I think that’s all.

For now 😀

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