WIPs getting a bit out of control

I’ve gotten to a point where I am doing too many things at once again, and I really need to finish off some things before I start any more.

I started this scarf below thinking it would be a pretty fast project… turns out not so much. I like it though, I have gone through one ball of yarn and will take up with the next one shortly.


I have finished the licorice allsorts scarf, and just need to knit the plain coloured (probably black) beanie to go with the bright pom pom. I still have coloured yarn left over because I had to buy other ball to make the scarf the right length, so I may end up with a licorice allsort hat and a few other hats with bright coloured pom poms. Who knows, but I do need to put the yarn away before I get possessed to make another beanie.

I have started a cable beanie with some yarn that my brother bought be for my birthday. I have no idea what it is, but it is super soft and feels awesome. I am going to knit a few cable beanies with the yarn that he gave me, it’s all plain coloured super soft whatever it is, but I have nothing else that matches it, so hats or little scarves it is. I might make a nice button cowl or something out of one of them, who knows. But the rest of it MUST go away until I have finished the rest of the stuff.

I have an order for some winter boots, so that’s pretty cool. I will get started on those once I cast off on the cable hat and the beanie for the licorice allsorts set. And start NOTHING ELSE between now and then. I am going to make myself a pair first to ensure that all the mistakes are ironed out, and then I will make the pair for the lady at work.

Except for tomorrow when I want to use Australia Day to make a dress for my brother’s wedding. It’s not till  March but I need to make it now in case I stuff it up and have to buy more material for it.

Looking forward to a day off tomorrow to veg out, watch Gilmore girls and knit or sew. It’s sad that I wanted to fob off a friend just so that I could hang out by myself… is that wrong? I much prefer my own company most of the time anyway, and she always encourages me to spend too much money, and I want to just SAVE Some money for once.

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