Updated the etsy store

Finally had a spare few minutes at work today to upload a heap of stuff into my etsy store! About time too. Some of this stuff is much nicer than the el basico beanies that I had up there.

I’m going to organise in April to go to the local market and sell some of this stuff as well. I have plenty of time to get a heap of other projects finished for the market, and I have gotten ahold of a few rustic price tags I can add.

Because of my massage and triathlon coaching business I also have a mobile eftpos thingy that I can take, so I don’t have to deal in just cash which is a great boon for me. It means that when people have spent all their cash they can still purchase with their card! Costs me a small fee to run it but better than no sale at all, right!

I’m working hard on another favourite scarf type pattern, it will have a plan and simple black beanie with a coloured pom pom to go on top. I think the colours of the scarf would be too much if I made a whole beanie out of it!! I also have a fair bit of the moda vera fayette yarn to make a few more quick favourite scarf projects in different colours, most likely with matching beanies. I do like the beanie pattern that I made up. I do need to get around to writing it down though, otherwise my brain is likely to forget it.

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