Trying new things

I follow this page called crochet guide on facebook these days (not as scared of what my friends think any more, or something like that) and they had a video the other day about “colour pooling” and what she was doing is planning her crochet in terms of the colour to bring out a diamond pattern.

It was pretty cool, I just had to find the right yarn to do it, a lot of the yarns that I had just weren’t right. Then I realised that I had a whole new yarn order that I hadn’t even broken into yet, and after a few tries I found the perfect one:


So after a few days and three balls of yarn (150g) I’ve ended up with this guy:

So the diamonds aren’t all that even, they start quite skinny and turn a lot into squares as I move up the thing, but never mind, I think think it looks pretty ace!!

It’s fast to make and simple to do, it’s a great mindless project that I don’t have to think too much about, I can watch the cricket / tennis or do something else while I am working on it.

I am coming close on the checkered scarf and beanie combo too, will cast off the beanie tonight and continue on the scarf until I run out of the navy blue yarn. I think it would be long enough now, but if I keep going it will just save a random 40g of yarn hanging out that I just don’t need. I have enough spare shit lying around.


I just did a rib pattern on the beanie with the same yarns, my patience just wasn’t there to do checks on the hat as well. They match enough, and if people think that they don’t then they can have one or the other, it doesn’t matter. I just had plenty of yarn to make a hat from it as well so figured why not.

Sorry about the fuzzy photos, they were taken in a rush out of the house this morning… running late again.

2 thoughts on “Trying new things

  1. I’m not very consistent with my tensions that’s why mine went a bit skewiff but never mind. The theory is there, and I think it’s pretty cute.
    Of all my coloured yarns I only had one that was the right length. I guess I could experiment with others but I’m not that daring haha


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