Finishing all the things

I had a great weekend of “finishing shit” and hopefully the trend will carry on tonight for the checkerboard scarf that I am doing. It’s not far off at the moment, but definitely needs some time and attention to get it done.

I finished weaving ends and blocking for my favourite scarf patterns.

I am so thrilled and completely in love with this pattern. It will go over and over and over again I am sure with the moda vera yarn that I got on sale from spotlight. That’s what the bigger one is made out of, and I think that one is my favourite. I shouldn’t have blocked the hat though as it make it go weird, but apart from that it’s all such a success.

I also finally sewed the buttons on the little cardigan that I made Ruby for Christmas… I still haven’t typed out the pattern so that I can put it up, but I will get there eventually I am sure. I also need to get some pics of her wearing it so that I can include them.


Thanks to Husband for holding it up so I could get a picture lol.

I also went to Spotlight to buy some chunky yarn that was on sale, for $3 a ball. I bought way too much but never mind. I will make a whole stuck of chunky beanies in all the colours to sell at the market I have decided that I am going to go to before winter starts here.

Depending on how my negotiations go with another triathlete this week, I might go back and buy a heap more of this yarn. It’s nice and fluffy and easy to knit with, not to mention some ace colours. And the fact that it’s in run out is helpful for my market stall and etsy shop. I have no idea why the above yarn is called “Fluro” though as it’s not bright at all except the green. Never mind, that part isn’t important.

My training has been going well. I actually exercised every day last week, which has me just as surprised as you 😉

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