Definitely Favourite Scarf Ever

I’ve decided that I need to make my fitness a priority in the new year, rather than just sitting on my ass and knitting and crocheting when I get home.

I guess that means that some of my projects happen a lot slower, but at the same time I am active and healthy and my butt hurts less from the uncomfortable couch that Husband insists on keeping even though it’s completely shit.

Favourite Scarf Ever is done bar the blocking and end weaving. I refused to go to bed last night until it was done!


It’s a fairly light scarf, so I Think this one will be for “fashion” rather than any requirement to keep the neck warm. Or on a mild day where there’s just a bit of chill and I don’t want to take my hair out of it’s pony tail.

I’m so pleased with it. This is a pattern I will repeat time and time again, along with the beanie pattern that I made up to match it!

I also had a random ball of yarn that I just got out because I NEEDED to make something chunky watching the cricket the other night. My RA was playing up, fingers were hurting and the 4 ply just wasn’t doing anything for me.

So this guy happened.


I’m becoming a fan of this sort of ribbing pattern that I learned while making my cardigan for beanies, it makes them a bit more interesting than the stocking stitch I have been using. This is so soft and thick, I am pretty sure it’s going to be a winter football watching beanie!

And the yarn is pretty cheap at Spotlight, $3 a ball so I might buy a few more balls of it just so I have something to do when my hands get sick of the fiddly projects that I am doing.

I think my next mission is to finish off the other favourite scarf pattern I started with the 8 ply and the matching hat. Get some things off my plate before I start anything else!! I can’t wait to start on the shawl out of the yarn my bestie bought me for my bday, I have the beads and everything to go with it so keen to get started, but won’t until the things I have left unfinished are done!

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