And now the holidays are over

To be honest… thank God right?

As much as I didn’t achieve half the things that I wanted to, and as much as going back to work tomorrow is a crusty idea… I’m sort of glad to be able to get back into some sort of routine. With Husband on a week of night shifts while I was on leave, going to bed at 2 or 3am became normal, as did sleeping late and achieving nothing…

So tomorrow, it’s back to work.

I have made some progress on quite a few projects, yet somehow nothing is finished? I think that’s my ADHD getting in the way here. I have a whole heap of ideas and then want to do everything at once… but I’m only one person, it turns out.

I tested some of my products while I took a bath that I have been putting off for a good two months. And damn, did I need it. The bath bombs were a treat and the candles smell almost good enough to eat. Not that I want to try that, soy wax isn’t that delicious, trust me.

I modified the “favourite scarf ever” pattern, and invented a hat for it.

I love the way these have turned out, and I have a heap of this moda vera yarn from a Spotlight sale of either 1 or 2 balls that I can use for this pattern.

I have decided that while all this stuff ends up on the etsy shop I am going to go to a local market here just before winter and see how the things sell there as well. I wasn’t going to do it because I felt a little bit lame, but I will see how I go. The market stall only costs $20 so it might be worth my while if I don’t have to be bothered about posting things. And if it goes well I can always have another shot the month after and then during winter.

Poor Snow dog

My dog had to have surgery because he ruptured his ACL. I mean poor dog, but stupid dog at the same time. Cost a bomb, but luckily I’m one of those retards that has pet insurance, so I will get 80% of the costs back that I had to pay the surgeon.

He’s on the loungeroom floor recovering from the ordeal.


I also had a crack at this drop stitch scarf, just to use up some yarn I had that I had no idea what I was going to turn it into if it wasn’t a scarf. It’s coming up quite well to be honest, even though I’m retarded and made a bit of a mess of the pattern partway through and repeated something I shouldn’t have, but no matter.

It’ll turn out fine.


I also made a little progress on Joshua, he’s driving me mental, but at least I am onto the second page now. I am not really looking at the pattern any  more because I sort of get what I am doing, I just check it out every now and then to see where I am at to update the progress bar in ravelry!

I found that I have been knitting more that crocheting lately. Not sure why, might just be a phase.

Anyway… I better start to organise myself since I have to go back to work tomorrow! Like do some washing, because let’s be honest that’s something I haven’t achieved in the last 10 days!

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