Bit of a photo drop

I have time off work. I am just going to drop a few pics here with quick captions of what I’ve been up to!

Better late than never… I finally got the Christmas tree up with two days to spare. Now I have to take it down again!
Knitted this beanie for Mum for Christmas
Finally finished slippers for Grandma
A great friend gave me this for my birthday (first time I’ve seen her since then!)
Set the table for Christmas lunch with the family
Fed my family

Went shopping because I found a fantastic yarn shop that’s not even 10 minutes from work…. so damn good!

Decided that I was determined enough to learn how to knit cables… and I think I handled it pretty well!! Not scared to start the cardigan I want for winter now.

Started on “Favourite scarf ever” with what is now easily my favourite YARN ever the Misti Alpaca hand painted sock yarn… it’s so soft and awesome…

Dicked this one up a couple if times and had to start again but I think I am used to the pattern now. So glad I bought a yarn winder when I did so I didn’t have to knit these from the skein. That’s way too hard.

If anyone has a good way for a single person to wind these please let me know. Husband thinks he’s getting RSI from helping me wind….!

So I think that’s it!! Tomorrow I plan on taking a break from the knitting, heading to spotlight for some fabric for a few projects I want to have a crack at while I have days off. I do have tickets to the cricket tomorrow, but I went today and the weather was too shit I don’t think I’ll go again tomorrow.

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