Christmas full of psychotic customers

And then Christmas happens, people lose their mind, and I never get any blogging done.

I have done some pretty cool stuff since the last time I blogged. Well I think it’s cool anyway!!

I finally made the red riding hood that’s not red, but it turned out to be too small for me because I ran out of yarn, so I have ordered some new stuff to do it with. Yep, I ordered more yarn. Oopsie.


I finally got the little skirt onto Ruby for a model, and she loved it, would NOT take it off. That’s a good sign!! I haven’t been back into the sewing room since then so since I have the entirety of next week off, I plan to spend a bit of time in there instead of on the knitting needles.

Fits perfectly!

The wash cloths and face scrubbies are getting there as well.

I have made soaps as well for the gift packs for Christmas, and they’ve turned out pretty well!! The ones that look a little ugly I am keeping for myself so I can use them at home. I have stacks of leftover melt and pour, so I will look up some more recipes and order some stuff to make cool soaps with them to put in the etsy shop. I love doing this sort of crap. Not that I am going to start my own business or anything, but I like doing it and it’s too much stuff for me to use myself, so I may as well put it online in case other people want it right?

I will post some pics of that process next time I do it, as I was so focused the first couple of times around that I forgot. I can get 16 soaps out of 1kg of the melt and pour that I have so that’s a good thing. And not thinking through that adding brown sugar would turn things brown, so maybe a white sugar would be better (good one….).

I also finished the little cardigan that I am making Ruby for Christmas. I still need to add a couple of buttons and ties for them, but I am basically calling it done. Thank goodness too, I had to rip back a couple of times as I started the armhole increases way too early, and I think it was due to my shit pattern writing skills… but I realised where I went wrong after a while and was able to sort it out. And I think it looks super cute!! I might even make another one!!


Please, if you want the pattern (once I write it up) I will email it to you if you can let me know how it went when you are done. I want to be able to put it up on etsy for $1 or whatever just so people can use it cos I am pretty excited that I was able to make a stupid cardigan from my own brain lol.

I was made to clean my room. Yes, I know I am an adult. And NO, I DO NOT like cleaning my room.


I’ve never worn a matching sock in my life, and husband is determined to confiscate my socks if they don’t have pairs… so I have to sit down and pair my stupid socks.

Come on. I can’t even put my clean washing away.

I do enough so that I have clean clothes and nothing is unhygienic, but that’s as far as it goes. Clean clothes go on the floor of the walk in robe, it’s easier to find them there. I also was made to give a whole heap of shit to charity, but I also had an idea for a quilt and some pillows to make with old race shirts, or shit that I am keeping for nostalgic purposes instead of to actually wear… so I now have a basket full of old shirts or cycling jerseys or whatever that I can make things with, so let’s see how that goes!!

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