Intended to make one hat… made four

So while my intention on the weekend was to make one newsboy hat, I ended up with four… The first one (following the pattern) was a little too big for me. Apparently I have a tiny sized head. It fits Husband fine, he has a normal sized head, so I set about making a smaller one.

Then I decided that I had another yarn that would perfectly suit the hat. It was a bit thinner than the original that I used, so I made the pattern… but again it was too large for me! So I made a smaller one, but then decided to just put it on etsy anyway. I have a gigantic ball of that yarn, and heaps of buttons so I will just make myself another one when winter comes… or something, who knows.

I finally have a decent etsy shop, so I can share it with you: 

Not sure how or where it is going to go, but at least I know now that I can make things and put them online rather than just giving them to family that don’t want them.

So let me know what you think! Or if you have ideas to make it better please let me know too. I don’t really have a facebook page or anything like that at the moment, nor do I share any of this with my friends. I think maybe I’m still a bit embarrassed that this is what I do in my free time? I don’t know why I get stressed about shit like that.

I’m an adult, I can do whatever I like, right?

I bought a cheap little foam head off ebay so that I can have a stand to put my stuff on to take photos for etsy, because who wants to see my head in every damn picture? So all the current FO are up there, and I can get cracking on the simple things like the wash cloths for the family Christmas presents and things.

My sewing teacher / friend has given me a 1 hour basket tutorial that I can maybe put the gift packs it, but I do have these little bright coloured square boxes that I got from Bunnings that I do need to use, so the baskets are not priority at the moment. But they would be cool to learn to make if they really do take an hour, cos then I would be able to say every singly thing except the cellophane to wrap it in is hand made!

I got the soap moulds that I want to make the soap with, along with the melt and pour soap I am going to use to make some soap scrub bars and stuff, so I can get onto the rest of that kind of thing in the few weekends that I now have before Christmas arrives.

People tend to go some kind of insane before Christmas in my line of work. It’s like the world is ending, or something. They have pricing due right before the Christmas break, and it’s not like anyone is going to be there over Christmas looking over it or anything. It may as well be due the first few days back, give us some time over the Xmas break to get it done (because we don’t shut down for 2 – 3 weeks like our customers do over the period) and just settle a little bit.

It’s insane to be honest. And I feel it really bad, because I am not feeling A+ in terms of health because of the weather, and then people go insane, and then insane dickheads from our legal department take the entire office out of action for three hours (yesterday) for training that is not fucking necessary and we all end up behind.

I was sitting at my kitchen table last night with my work laptop out doing bloody quotes and replying to emails at 8pm. I’ve never had to do that before in my career!! I don’t have to do it. But because I work in sales, if I don’t get on top of things before the start of the next day, you can bet you just have to keep playing catch up all day.

And you know. You don’t get time to take 20 minutes out of the day to write your blog.

Happy lunch times haha.

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