Leftovers and scraps

So I decided to make a little skirt for my niece out of the leftovers of the skirt that I made. But because she now has chicken pox and isn’t coming for my nephews birthday this weekend, I had to try it on my stuffed elephant instead.


And of course just a photo of it held up because who can tell what the hell it looks like when a stuffed elephant is wearing it. (Didn’t see how creepy the dude on tele looks in the background until just then!!)

I have another small scrap of some material that I want to use to make another ruffled version, I just need some time to get into the sewing room again. I was crook as a dog yesterday with all the changes in weather we are having here. I suffer bad asthma and hayfever at the best of times, but when we have these “thunder storm asthma” episodes I really suffer. I guess I should just be pleased that I am not one of the six that died last time. But I do take my medications regularly and keep on top of things because I know how badly that it affects me.

Back at work today, and it’s like I may as well have not stayed home, because now I just have to do two days in one.

The only thing that made yesterday better was getting this ace present in the mail…

I love it so so so so so much! Thanks again to the Left Hooker, this is incredible. It’s so smooth you could almost call it soft, and I can’t wait to get started on these blankets again with this hook. It feels so nice in my hand! And the little case that in case in was just an extra touch of cute.

At the moment I have a lot of things going on, and this weekend is going to be chockers. I have a concert with a friend tonight, a kids birthday party tomorrow, and I have two athletes racing a 70.3 that is over 2 hours drive from me, so Sunday is going to be a super long day… I will be exhausted next week!

And Monday is the day when my boss gets back, so that should be fun.

Two more weeks of work before I get two weeks off to just knit and sew and do what I please! Oh, and rest and recharge my batteries for work!

5 thoughts on “Leftovers and scraps

    1. There has been severe asthma emergencies in Melbourne related to our strange changes in weather that they nicknamed thunderstorm asthma.


      1. Ahhh… that’s so interesting! Horrid for the ones affected, of course, but very interesting. I wonder why? Is it common, has it always been like this, or is it rather new?


      2. I think it has something to do with the humidity and pollen in the air swelling up. Not sure specifically just know I have to be very careful!


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