Breaking shit again


So this retardation happened last night.

As is my usual style I got mad… send my sewing teacher a message on facebook HELP ME!

Luckily… I’m an engineer. When I settled and thought about it logically (after destroying that fabric by trying to cut it out) I just took the thing apart and removed it that way. All good!

Then realised that what I was trying to do needed another foot… so got the foot out, checked the instruction manual, didn’t real far enough and broke the fucking lever on the back of the foot holder thing. You ever tried googling “Janome lever”? Let me tell you, nothing that I actually wanted came up, not even in the bloody spare parts sections. So with a mission to go to a sewing shop today and pray they had the bloody piece I wanted, I cracked the shit and went downstairs to cook dinner.

At least we got fed, I suppose.

In other news, the shop had the piece so I am back to what I was working on last night, which is a couple of skirts out of the leftover material from the one I made for myself at the lesson on Sunday.

So this is it! They boys at work told me that it looked like a curtain, but I love it so I don’t even care. Husband likes it as well, so that’s a good start. Normally he’s not really up with my clothing choices (saying shit like “Isn’t that too tight?” “No mate, that’s how it’s meant to be…. ” sigh).

So the leftovers from this is going to be a couple of little skirts for niece. Same one that I am making the tiny cardigan for.

Excuse the lack of smiling. Selfies are not my thing and I was concentrating and my battery was about to die. I also am not that great at “styling” with scarves so it’s a bit all over the shop but you get the idea.

I am getting a styrofoam head to put all this crap on for photos and things before I put into my etsy shop so people don’t have to look at my  head.

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