The wool winding knot from HELL

What a fucking saga trying to unravel those skeins of yarn was to make the scarf… I was so furious that Husband ditched me partway through the process that I ended up with a giant knot and a whole heap of frustration. It’s definitely a two person job, and I failed dismally at being two people.

So in future, two person job, one to hold the yarn on their arms and the other to wind. I just can’t handle another knot to test my patience, nor can I think of a better way to do it. I know I could just work from the wrapped skein, but no, I like small balls of wool that don’t get tangled.


Anyway. I ended up with these to take to BIL’s house to baby sit the kids, and a mission to make a scarf with tassels. I bloody love tassels, and I don’t care is Husband thinks that I am lame.

Yes, I packed shit in a zip lock bag to take on my road trip.

Sigh. Lesson learned I guess. I never got around to taking pics of the 2 scarves… yep, I ended up making 2… so I will have to do that tonight at some point while I recover from my weekend…

So baby sitting Friday night was cool, kids were relatively good about the whole thing. Saturday we shifted over 1000 bricks that Husband thinks that he needs for the retaining wall in the back yard. Let’s just say that I have found muscles in my legs that I never knew that I had. And to make matters worse I got sunburned, and my RA tends to react badly to the sun. I am now covered in a delicious heat rash that makes me super uncomfortable, but the only thing that I can do about it is put peppermint on on it and wait for my skin to cool down. Which isn’t awesome when the weather is actually warm here for a change!

So then I spend most of the rest of Saturday on the couch under the AC, or working on a few projects.

Since it was my birthday during the week, I was finally allowed to use my sewing machine! I grabbed a couple of bits of fabric, learned how to wind bobbins and thread the thing, then made a pin cushion. A good first start I think!

I do need to take a good pic of the craft room, as it’s bloody sensational now that I have the foldable cabinet that Husband bought me for my birthday off eBay.

Then yesterday I had my first sewing lesson: I took a beginner pattern and some fabric to my friend’s house (who knows how to sew) and made a skirt! It really was simple. And now that I have more of an idea of how to read the instructions and work everything I think I will be ace. I might even be able to make some clothes for my Sisters-in-laws who seem to have the same taste in bright colours and stuff that I do. And it takes far less fabric to make things for them as they are heaps smaller than me.

I don’t have any pics of it as yet… I was too embarrassed of my messy walk in robe to take a selfie this morning so I will need to wait until I get home and Husband can take the pic for me to post up here.

The best part is it has given me confidence to follow some of the other patterns that I have, and also make some things up for myself. I already think that I have a couple of better ways to make the skirt I made, as well as more direction on how to work patterns, my machine and have a play around with the pretty stitches that my machine does. I wonder if I can make a skirt like this with a hem with hearts or something on it instead of straight lines… so many ideas!

It means I will most like wear more skirts to work now if I make them myself. I am so proud of myself that I am wearing the skirt today! Now just to work out how to make a nice patterned pair of loose slacks so I never have to buy clothes again. Because let’s be honest I hate clothes shopping. But I love Spotlight!!

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