Getting used to spending money…

This is the first lot of yarn that I have actually lashed out and spend some decent coin on. I spend a fair bit of time on Ravelry yesterday looking for projects that do this yarn justice, and I think I have found a couple that I can work on.


I think I might just get a bit obsessed with this lady’s eBay shop. I have some gorgeous stuff on my watch list of hers, but I just need to get over the fact that the stuff I love is $42 per 100g ball… I would have to make something quite epic out of it, as a treat for myself.

I have a couple of things in mind for these, especially the purply one. It’s so soft and squishy. I can’t wait to work with it.

In fact I am going to take it to my BIL’s house tonight, Husband and I have been dobbed in to look after the nephews tonight. Which is alright, they will basically be in bed from not long after we get there, and we will literally just sit and watch TV while they sleep. Means I will have time to make some stuff.

I found some ideas on Ravelry yesterday that I love, but I think I tried it out with the wrong yarn last night. I cast on a scarf with some of the novelty yarn I got in the post, but it’s not good for crochet. And I found this gorgeous V scarf with beading on it… but I think I will have to do it with the plan yarn. The knitted version is just going to be a long cool novelty scarf, in a pattern that’s knit like the Sophia top I tried to make… I think need to modify the sleeves of that still so that I can actually wear it, because I like it… I still just don’t get the pattern for that part of it.

Ah well. I will just do what I do every other time… and make it up.

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