The rest of my weekend work

Finished off the back of the tiny cardigan, and wondering now if it will be too small for her? I mean I have no idea about kids, because I don’t have one. I just looked up some basic size 3 sizing on the internet, then made some guesses from there…

I will start on the fronts tonight, but I have some more “calculation” that I am going to need to do to make it work the way I want. The risk of getting things back to front at this stage is pretty high so hopefully I am as smart as I think I am and can get it first shot.

I had to pull back about 4 rows on this over the weekend when I discovered that I had dropped a stitch and didn’t know how to pick it back up… and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be, picking all the stitches back up. I have always avoided pulling knitting back due to being worried that I wouldn’t be able to find all the stitches again but it worked well in the end. Good thing too, because normally I would have cracked the shits and started again, which would have been a waste of about 2 hours.


Joshua is going well too.


I have made a few mistakes with the pattern and had to rip it back a few rows a couple of times, but overall I think it’s going well now. I am checking the pattern every four or so rows just to mark them off in the book, and I am carrying on my way.

It’s going to be ace when it’s finished, it’s nice and squishy, a little fluffy and light enough to be a scarf as well as a shawl. I see now why it’s done with such fine yarn.

I get to use my sewing machine tomorrow!!! But I probably wont, it’ll wait for Thursday because I expect Husband to take me out for dinner tomorrow night, and I am banning all technology (his phone) and all crafts (my knitting) so we can actually spend some time together. I haven’t banned the TV as yet, because I think we should watch a movie but not sure what I want to watch yet, but I am sure it will come along.

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