Birthday weekend!

I had a birthday party on Saturday even though my birthday isn’t until Wednesday. Need to get these things done before the rush of Christmas party crap starts!

Drunk me decided that I was going to make a tiny version of a cardigan for my niece for Christmas, and decided that I need to be a bit more methodical about it. I did start with a tension square with the recommended needles size for the yarn that Husband picked out (because it had the most purple) and got to it.

I almost got the back finished by Sunday afternoon but still have some repeats to go and then I can start with the front. I think that will be the part that I get confused with, and then reflecting the pattern on the other side… anyway. My engineering brain has got diagrams and written notes on it all, so I can maybe replicate it. I think the measurements are around a size 3 – 4 in kids, but I guess we will see how it goes. If it’s too small for her I will just have to make another one. I might do a few and then add some to the etsy store as well, I might even modify a bit to use larger needles, the 3mm needles have killed my poor arthritic hands.

So I was sort of just making things up as per the shape I thought I needed. So will see what the FO ends up looking like.

The fronts are the part that scare me though, decreasing parts so that the front tapers like the one I have… I guess it’s just a wait and see kind of thing. Husband is working tonight so I might get started on it before he gets home.

Or I might just take a bath and go to bed.


I also got a bit more of the checked scarf done when I had cracked the shits with the small needles.

I made the candle here for myself, (along with some others to sell in the etsy shop) and the food and drink that I ate for my birthday. I still feel about 10kg heavier than Friday, but never mind. I don’t do things like that very often.

I had friends coming over who were vegeterian, coeliac and lactose intolerant (all different people) and I felt the need almost to label the food that I had so that they didn’t poison themselves.

Had a great day though.

I also did some more work on Joshua, but I forgot to take a pic of that this morning before I ran out of the house. Well, twice when I ran out of the house, because I arrived at work and realised that I forgot my damn laptop and had to head home and get it. Sigh. It’s not my day that’s for sure.

And I just added this pic of my dog because he makes me happy.



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