Got a bit excited

I love making things for other people. With my friends I have a thing where if they give me the yarn and tell me what they want to make, I make it for them for nothing. The time spent on it is just my gift to them. And if there is anything left from the yarn that I make things from, I get to keep it. It’s a win win for me. Sometimes I just end up with scraps, but sometimes I end up with another beanie or something for myself. And that’s always fun!

I made a scarf and hat for a friend (that I still have possession of) as one of her weight loss goal presents. Not long to go before I am popping it in the post.

Last night I made matching beanies for a friend and her niece. Long story, but niece is living with her at the moment, and it’s a daily struggle for her to take care of someone else’s baby and I want to help.

I made these.

The colours are awesome, and I think I want to make one for myself now! Pity I don’t have enough yarn left, but I might be able to make one more kid sized one but not a grown up  one. A trip to spotlight might be in order. Again.

I really got on the bandwagon last night of making these Christmas presents for my friends and family. After a poor attempt at making a foaming face scrub I think I will stick to just a nice brown sugar face scrub, and then some body scrub. I was looking around the web yesterday and found a recipe for body scrub BARS which is super cool, and they are made with melt and pour soap, so of course I had to order some. Found a place in Perth which does a sample pack of 6 different kinds, so I ordered that and some more cheap moulds from eBay so I can have a play around with this too.

On the cheap mould thing…

This is my other cheap ebay mould. And this is the result of it! Rose shaped bath bombs. One batch of my recipe (which becomes a bit haphazard with my pouring after the first perfectly measured batch) fills the six shapes perfectly, and then I get some ace bath bombs!! I have one more batch to go after these ones dry and I can pull them out, and I will include a couple of them in each gift pack that I make for my family and friends.

I will also include a candle, or maybe two…

I’m starting to get quite the collection here….

I do have a problem with the glass jars though, it seems that when the wax hardens and shrinks back down that the wax seems to be creative a crevice around the wick and making a hole in the candle. Maybe I am heating them a little too much, or maybe it’s caused by one of the ingredients that I am using? Not sure. I am not too fussed about it though, it’s just an aesthetic thing. When they are lit no one will notice it at all.

My crochet hook is done!

How good is it!!! Thanks heaps to Mo at The Left Hooker for this stunner, I can not WAIT to get this! It will definitely revive the few blankets that I am making at the moment and make me want to work on them. The problem now is, at the same time he made this one for me he made others, and there is one with flowers and stuff painted on it that I love as well that I desperately want!!! Be calm. People might want to buy me one for Christmas, you never know.

And if people buy things from the etsy shop that I am setting up, I will have money to buy another one!

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