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So I bit the bullet and did it last night. I set up an etsy shop and to be honest, it was a bloody nightmare. For whatever reason the system didn’t “recognise” my details (whatever that means) and I had to provide a drivers licence and all this other shit just to get to the point where I can open it with one item in it while I work out photo shoots and labelling and shit for the rest of my stuff.

Ugh. Oh well, it’s done now.

I just have a single purple beanie in it at the moment, so I am not going to share the shop. Once I have my shit together and do the candles and the rest of the FOs I have lying around the place I will share and have more and more things going up in there.

I have another two lots of bath bombs that I want to make, I have to go one at a time as the rose mould that I have… well, there’s only one of them, and only one batch can be moulded at a time. And I prefer to have them rose shaped than circle shaped like the first batch that I made.

I found an awesome page last night (because he liked my post) called The Left Hooker.

Needless to say, I saw something that I loved and immediately sent an email asking for a price for a custom hook in the size that I am currently making all my blankets and throws in. I love the idea of a custom made hook. Sure, expensive, but totally work it for the amount of time I spend with the thing in my hands making some of these large projects. So excited for it to all happen, I just have to wait until Saturday (Friday there) to see it and then he will post it. So much more motivation to get the larger projects finished when I have a gorgeous hook to do them with.


So this is the one that I am getting. Isn’t it spectacular? I mean they all are, but this one just drew my attention over all the others. I am getting this one done full size and in 5.5mm. That means I can put away the cheap metal shit that I am currently using for the blankets and genuinely make it with love. Yay!

Anyway. I best get some work done. Big boss from overseas is coming in today!

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