Shit day!

I had the worst day yesterday. I had an early meeting (7am) so I was out of bed at 5.30am to get to the place on time, which was all fine. Traffic was balls, and I was a little late, but then realised that I was around the corner from where I needed to be, and was another 15 minutes late due to the traffic in the area and the stupid traffic lights!!

So then I got out of the car and realised that I had forgotten my wallet, and I needed it to pay for breakfast, so jumped back into the car. When I did I heard a massive RIIIIIIP and I had split my bloody pants. Right down the ass. I mean what can you do? I had to go to the meeting….!! With bright green undies and a split in my black pants. How embarrassing…

There was nothing I could do… after the meeting (always facing my customer) I went home to get changed… I mean if the people in the cafe saw that’s absolutely fine with me as I never have to see them again, as long as my customer didn’t. Wow, what a way to start the day.

Luckily it got better from there, except for the fact that I didn’t get home until 7.30pm that night just with everything happening. Sigh.

Husband was great last night, he cooked and did the dishes and just let me sit. The physio wasn’t that pleased with my progress because I seem to have gone backwards. I have some intense swelling and it’s just all struggle street at the moment, struggling to walk etc. It’s not great. So I just sat and worked on my checked scarf.

Looks cool to me!

Except for the fact that I am a total mole when I am so exhausted and sore… I yelled at him for the dumbest reason before I settled and realised I just needed some sleep. And apologised because I am a mean bitch. I mean who cares how much sauce is on the stir fry, it was my own fault because I was so late home, he was just trying to keep my dinner warm.

I made him model the camo beanie for me:

I like it. I think that will go in the etsy shop once I have gotten motivated enough to get everything up there. I know I should do it all now because people might buy stuff for Christmas. I just need to make the rest of the bath bombs, do some more candles and clean up my mess before I get on the laptop and get super motivated to take pics of it all and post them.

That and I am waiting for a styrofoam head so that I can model the beanies on that rather than real humans. Just an anonymity thing. I don’t like my head in the photo and I can’t put pics of Husbands head on the internet.

Tonight he is at work so I am going to do a meditation that I found online in my quiet room, and hope to clean it up and bit as it’s so messy with the sewing cabinet and all the yarn in there.

And the knitting machine that I am yet to set up and see if it works. I need to get to that. I think that will be all the things that I do for the 10 days that I have off over Christmas and New Year while Husband is on night shift. I really want to make that giant blanket.

I ordered some filling and other things from spotlight so that I can sew or crochet some toys and things too. I love the idea of making toys and giving them to friends or family members. Or putting them online to sell.

And I desperately want to make a Pikachu beanie. For me. Because I love Pikachu.

3 thoughts on “Shit day!

    1. Oh don’t worry it’s funny now.
      But you wouldn’t dream of it, I busted a button off the pair I put on instead… I think the universe is telling me it’s time to stop eating hamburgers….

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