Crafty weekend

While we did have a few things to do outside of the house on the weekend, we managed quite well to get some “work” done as well.

Saturday saw a three cooked meal day for us, and I did all of them, as well as cleaned the kitchen and did 4 loads of washing and hung them out to dry. I know that doesn’t seem like too big a deal, but for me it definitely is.

I struggle with housework and fatigue after a week of work. And Friday night Husband and I went to the movies, so I was a bit ratshit from walking around 3km (no joke) but the time we went shopping for his new work shoes, finding a pair of shoes for me ($10, FYI, his were $150) and things for the nephews for birthday / Christmas. Trips back and forward to the car, dinner, then heading to the movie, and my operated on ankle was ratshit, and we hit the hay at midnight and I was exhausted.

Husband does this thing of a morning when he is awake already and wants ME to be awake. First, he will watch me for a minute. Then he hugs me, sighs, blows on my face, pokes me, and then starts wiggling around. If none of those work he will actually start calling my name and ask me if I am awake.

Sometimes, the first step works well enough and I will be awake, others the whole routine doesn’t wake me, and then others I just DON’T want to be woken up so I try to ignore the whole show. And I need WAY more sleep than he does, and I tend to catch up a bit on weekends (not too much, normally awake by 8am, but still it’s a nice catch up after a week of waking up at 6.30am) but he doesn’t get it. He is awake and not tired, so I should be awake.

This was my Saturday morning. So between the ankle swelling and general exhaustion, I was pretty happy that I had clean washing, clean dishes, and food to eat.

I made some candles.

L-R: Lavender, Moroccan Rose, Sweet Orange, Chocolate, Lime & Vanilla, and Pure Vanilla

I didn’t make all of these Saturday (just the pink and purple ones) and then got cracking on the rest on Sunday. I am going to use these in my gift packs. I already had most of the candle making supplies (a past venture that didn’t really grow too many legs) but they are now perfect for the Christmas Gift Packs. I might also put some of them up on etsy and see how they go. The pink ones (the first batch) are a little crappy, bubbles etc but I don’t think my aunt or my mum will worry about that. And the back one that looks alright has a really fucked up wick in it and might not burn all the way. So I will just keep that one for myself.

I have been using one of my scrubbies in the shower and I love it to help clean my face. I am going to upgrade my old shower pouf thing with a facewasher mitt that I am going to make for the gift packs as well, as usual I will keep the first one as a tester. I just need to get motivated to do these, I am not getting that far!

I also started on a camo beanie that I think is going to work out fairly large (too big for me) that I might need to put on etsy. It definitely looks cool enough for a dude to wear, I was worried that crochet might be a bit feminine, but in the camo yarn it looks pretty darn cool to be honest.

I did some work on Joshua as well, he seems to be coming along ok.

Almost to the end of the lead in pattern

I am into the last row of the end part of the pattern, time to start the real pattern, and it seems to be flying along now that I am used to the tiny crochet hook and the tiny yarn. It’s getting there anyway. I still sometimes have to take a rest from it with cramps in my hands, it’s the project that I have left downstairs to work on before I head up to get comfy for the night, so this one will be done in fits and spurts, mostly on weekends because it’s my most transportable project with one “ball” of wool to cart around. It’s a cone, but saying a cone of wool sounds weird to me.

We also finished off our front yard (Saturday) and the rest of the decking at my friend’s house (Sunday) and visited Husbands brother (Sunday).

I also used some leftover yarn last night to make a purple beanie that doesn’t really belong to anyone… maybe on etsy. It was annoying me that this yarn that MIL had given me was rolled into a ball in a double thread, so I just used it for a chunky beanie as it wasn’t really enough to do anything else with, and I didn’t care enough to unravel it from itself to use it for something better.


Friday afternoon I spent some of my coaching money on some yarn from a lady I found on eBay that has tonnes of stuff that I love. I found this rainbow yarn that is part silk part whatever else that looks GORGEOUS that I really want to buy but at $42 per 100g I really can’t justify that at the moment. I think after I get a bonus in March and have some money to spend I will buy that as a treat. See how that goes!

We put an offer on a block of land last week and it was accepted. It means a big move for us eventually, but I think it will be worth it. Especially when it takes me 1hr 10min to get to work at the moment, and often can stretch to over 2 hours on the way home, it is definitely going to make life better. I just need to work out what the hell I am going to do with my life, as what I do here in the city just is not transferable in the country!

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