Bored at work

I finished the beanie that I am making and started one for myself, but I think it’s going to be a bit on the big side, I didn’t think through the sizing before guessing what I was going to cast on.

I also didn’t think through how I will do the k2togs to decrease because I won’t have a small enough cable but never mind. I will sort something out along the way. Improvise!

I think I will have to stick with the flat knitting beanie pattern just for the sale of the decreases at the top. Or just crochet them, because that’s quicker and easier!

The finished beanie looks cute, and the rainbow blanket is coming along nicely too. Decision has been made to have 5 rainbow repeats.



I think it’s going to end up almost a queen sized throw, this is about half width as it’s strewn over the stair banister. (Had to turn the stair lights off too to take the pic, the dog almost fell down coming up because he couldn’t see his feet…)

I might get back to working on Joshua this weekend. See how much I can get done while I am NOT bumping down country roads and trying to see tiny crochet hooks and fine yarn. Hopefully I will get to go to the movies tonight and spend some time out of the house, but you never know with Husband’s work. The last few Friday nights have been late ones.

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