You’ve Got Mail!

I got mail yesterday! And it’s always super exciting when that happens. Sometimes things take so long because I buy them overseas that I have forgotten that I purchased them and it’s like a present. (I know, stupid, but never mind!)

I got a stack of patterns for sewing that I managed to find on sale while searching a sewing community forum thing, so that made me happy. Considering they were on sale for like $3 each instead of $20. I did have to pay a bit more postage to get them from the states than normal, but I’m alright with that since they were so cheap. And most of the ones that I chose are good for beginners, so that makes me even more happy. There are a few skirts and dresses that I want to try out, will just have to go and choose the material from Spotlight when I get to that point.

Stack of patterns! Plenty of things to do over Christmas!

So last night when a friend came over unannounced, and I just continued with what I was doing as all he wanted to do was have a bit of a whinge about his wife and stuff. I don’t mind listening and that sort of thing, but I am not great when people just pop around without any notice when I am trying to do stuff.

Anyway I did carried on with what I was doing, which was trialling the bath bomb recipe that I got off the internet for the pamper packs that I am making for people. I didn’t manage to make any body wash or anything like I intended, but at least I got the bath bombs done.

They appear to have worked well!

Even though these are pink, they are lavender scented and I picked some lavender from the garden in front of my new office building, I only had pink food dye, so I just ended up making them pink. Without the dye they were a fairly suspicious shade of yellow, I think because of the cocoa butter that I used. So I had to use it.

I think I had a maximum of like 6 drops of dye to make it this colour, so less than one drop per ball, I don’t think it will turn anyone’s skin pink. My hands aren’t pink from mixing them up anyway, so that’s a good sign. They smell delicious, and when I went down this morning they were all nice and solid and felt like bath bombs should.
Not sure yet when I will get to test a small one in the bath, but I can’t wait. Hopefully they work a treat and I am able to include them in the baskets. I have ordered a soap mould thing off eBay so that I can press them into the mould and they can be rose shaped (I think) so better than these dodgy circles that I have done, but circles or patty pans were the only options I had last night so I went with that.

I am going to use the patty pans for candles instead later on. I have wax crayons that I am going to use to colour the candles, as the soy wax that I have is just white. Spent a bit of googling to work that out, so hopefully it goes well. I will be able to make those one weekend while Pete is working, it’s a pretty easy job. I wonder if patty pan candles will float.

I also took a pic of the face scrubbies that I made.

Left one is the one I messed up, the right one is the one that follows the pattern

I don’t have the right weight cotton, but I am alright with what I am using, and confident that the one on the right will be good for the rest of the baskets. They seem quick and pretty easy to make so should get onto these soon if I am going to make these gift baskets for Christmas!

I needed a break from crochet last night

So I went through the stash of yarn that I picked up from my Nana and MIL over the weekend. I desperately wanted to do a beanie with a fluffy band, and these are the two yarns I ended up picking.

This one is a small size, probably a 4 – 8 year old’s beanie, but now I am so jealous that I actually want to make one for myself. I also had a thought a few rows before this, that I can modify my self invented beanie pattern to the circular needles that I have now so I can knit it completely inside out and not have to knit / purl rows, I can just knit the whole time. Genius idea there from me. So when I make the one that I want for myself, I will do it with the circular needles.

You can’t see it in the pic, but the fluffy yarn sort of has a sparkle to it, which is cool. I know it’s not beanie weather at the moment in Australia (well, I’m in Melbourne so it kind of is still) but I will have a stack of these ready for next winter. I am thinking I will take some time to get some stock up for an etsy shop and just bang it all on there and see how it goes.

I have a friend coming over tonight for a massage (I’m a qualified therapist) so basically my coaching and massage money is ALL going to new things, probably fabric now to make one of these skirts. See how that goes hey 😉

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