Fiddly little fucker

So I decided to do Joshua instead of Carlos first up, as I think the Joshua pattern would be an easier repeat for my brain… or something. Just a better starting point working with this yarn etc…

And I think in the end Carlos would have been easier because it had a 0.5mm larger hook! I mean not that that matters any more now.

Just covered up the pattern in the pic I took in case the guy doesn’t like me sharing it, even though it’s just one page. I have progressed to about row 15 now, and it does look cool, but it’s more fiddly than I imagined. I have engineering fingers obviously, means for car things not little things like that, but it would be cool when I can get it done and say I made it!

I also finished off the second camo beanie, and the larger needles were much easier to operate than the others. And it was a much faster knit, and doesn’t affect the look of it that much so I will stick with that if anyone else needs a camo thing! Stacks of yarn leftover in that ball so heaps more projects to come with that one.

I still have yet to work out what I will give Ruby for Christmas, I might make her a toy or something. See how I go.

I have started making the cotton face scrubbies for the gift packs to see how they go. The first one I made a mess of, changed the pattern quite a lot, and ended up with something that would work alright, but I am keeping it for me. The second one basically followed the pattern and turned out nice. So slowly slowly I will get that sort of stuff together. I am more interested in the colourful blanket though that the gift packs! I have all the patterns saved and ready to roll in dropbox though, so won’t be long before I can get motivated. I bought a stack of the stuff that I need to make the products that I will be including in the packs, so I have “started” techncially…. right??

I have decided that I will add all the lined up projects that I need to do into “current projects” instead of my queue. I appear to be using the queue to line up things I’d love to do, favourites for things that I’d like to attempt in the distant future, and so now I have no place for my “orders” that are more important than the stuff that I have bought and allocated the yarn for etc etc…. so I have started putting them into the projects section so I can see the blank pictures and remember that I need to get them done.

I guess as long as I know what I am doing….

We moved offices last week, so I am not near a window, and even though it’s pissing rain I can see the daylight and it makes me incredibly positive about everything. So a good start to the week for me!!

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