Stash day!

Termite man came this morning, so that meant I had to stay home and wait for him… which also meant I could pick up my deliveries from spotlight and bendigo wool!

I’ve never done anything with less than 8 ply yarn, so I am pretty excited to have found the “additctive shawl collection” and be working with a finer yarn.

And that the whole lot of yarn that I need for the project comes on the one cone so I don’t have to get all awkward and shit trying to tie off and change and stuff. I’m not great at that.

I am going to start on Carlos over the weekend while we have a bit of car travelling to do. I am not making it for anyone in particular, I think just myself, but that’s always open to interpretation once it’s finished.

I also ordered some yarn from eBay that I am making some kids Christmas presents from.

The Camo yarn is for my nephew… he loves hunting and desperately wants to be invisible, so I am making him a beanie. I didn’t realise just how giant the balls were when I bought them, so I will be able to make quite a few beanies from it!

I also got a delivery from Spotlight which has the yarn that I need to finish the rainbow ripple blanket, but that’s not as exciting as the other new stuff that I got so no photos. I also got a few small packs of fabrics for quilting to use once I am allowed to use my birthday sewing machine (November 30th is the day!) . Pretty keen to start getting out the never worn triathlon and running race shirts and turn them into something super cool.

I have completed one, but I wanted to try it on bigger needles, because I think it was just a bit too stiff, and the bigger needles will make it a bit more pliable.

This is the first attempt. It’s not bad, but it’s not great either.

This project, rainbow ripple blanket, and soon to be some beauty box items for the ladies christmas presents are the projects on the go at the moment.

The beauty boxes take a bit more than crochet though, The face & body scrubbers and face washer are part of the pack, but the biggest part will be the scented candles, scented body and face scrubs, etc that I will also be making to go into the kit. I am colour coding them all with scents as well, and making the crochet items from bendigo mills cottons. Oh, and don’t forget the bath bombs! I am hoping to give them first crack on the weekend and try them out myself, as well as stealing some lavender from the plants near my house to use for them. Might go for a sneaky walk in the dark tonight to the park.

I have purple (lavender), pink (rose), red (not sure yet? maybe orange), sky blue (thinking a blend for destressing), white (vanilla). I also have navy blue which I don’t think I will use, black could maybe be chocolate? I do have cocoa essential oil as well.
I am also thinking that as well as the colour coded scrubbies I will make most items from the colour, but include say 1 face scrubbie in the colour and two in white, because they almost always come in white. And just to break up the colour coding.

I’m pretty excited by these, it’s a present that I would love to receive myself from my friends or family, so I hope they will like it.

MIL won’t use any of this stuff though so I will reserve it for the younger ladies in my family. I will make her a scarf and some mittens, I will make FIL a beanie. Because they “don’t do presents” I don’t feel bad giving them smaller gifts.

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