Big Finish Weekend

While husband was at work over the weekend I managed to get a few of the projects finished that I have had put away for a while.

I have learned from the blogging world that they are now not WIPs, they are FO. And I should normally post these on Fridays, but I have never been one for following rules. So it’s Monday and I am posting FOs. So ner.

Item 1 – Something that I wasn’t intending to do, the purple hibernating beanie. I was just going to let this one go until next winter and footy season, but a friend came over and wanted to learn to knit, so while she was knitting I grabbed this out so I could be doing the same thing she was, and it turned out I only needed a few rows to get it finished.

It’s a long beanie, the band folds up over the body of it. No pattern, just made it up, something that I thought of while I was making the other kids beanies as something a little more stylish with the k2 p2 ribbing on the base in a different colour.

Item 2 – Grandma’s blanket! It took exactly 6 balls of yarn in the end, glad I started to do the final border when I did otherwise I would have been searching around for another ball of yarn to get it done, and I think it looks ace! I am pretty sure she will be stoked when she gets it. I think if I ever make something like this from this yarn again I will just to granny squares and then crochet them together. The centre part is awesome but you kind of lost the sunset effect when the rounds get bigger.

Progress shots of the ripple rainbow, I think it’s coming together nicely. I decided that I would be doing a white border around the whole thing, and that the red and pink colours were so close together that they need separation. I included two rows of white in there for that, so it will look like multiple rainbows on a white background almost.

Not sure how big this is going to be, but I will need more the the 1 ball of wool for each colour that I have currently allocated. I have purchased some more which I will most definitely go through. I am thinking about 5 or 6 rainbows at this point. I am almost out of some of the yarn which I had used for the rainbow snake scarf (so wasn’t a whole ball in the first place) so I should be able to get away with 2 of each colour.

I’ve also been exploring Ravelry and blogs and getting ideas for the Christmas presents that I need to buy. For the ladies in my family anyway, not so much the men. They can just have a bottle of whisky. But a little handmade “spa pack” with candles and body wash made with essential oils and handmade body scrubs etc I think would be fun to make. Good thing I have some time off for Christmas so I can do some of this stuff.

I think if I had a candle, body wash, scrub, face wash, a loofah thingy and a face washer it would be perfect. In a nice basket with cellophane over it. And cheap. Because I can get the cellophane and basket from the reject shop and the rest I basically already have here. I have all the gear to make gorgeous scented candles, I have jars and bottles and labels to make the body products in, and I have the cotton yarn to make the loofah and face washers and face scrubbies from.

I think my mum, my aunt, and my future sister in law will get one of these each for Christmas. In different colour coding. Sister in law isn’t around for Christmas so hers can be made up a bit later on, but I think mum and aunt are coming to my house for lunch, so maybe I should get started on that now that Nana’s Christmas present is done!

I really need to get onto fixing the Sohpiette top too, I just need to rip back the sleeves and do them properly. I really want to have another shot at this pattern, in navy blue, so that I can “correct” all the mistakes that I have made with the purple one. I mean it looks ok but the amount of times I have ripped back and had to start again has really annoyed me, and I won’t make those mistakes again on this one!

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