eBay bargains!

So with a bit of a stalk of eBay husband had found a sewing cabinet he wanted to buy me for my birthday, and it was a cheap auction… and a quality cabinet! We watched the auction closely and put in our max bid with 1m left on the auction, and we got it for a steal! Less than $160 and we pick it up on Saturday morning.

We looked at the Horn website after the craft expo and found out that these things are EXPENSIVE. A similar little cabinet to the one that I bought is about $1000, so like I said… it was a steal. My max bid for it was about $450 in my head, so $160 was legendary.

I noticed on the tele that Spotlight had a sale on yarn last night, and even though I didn’t buy any of the sale yarn, I bought enough to finish this blanket, as well as some for a friend’s blanket that they have ordered in Bombers colours (red and black, football team for those non-Australians) as well as some quilting fabric. I know it’s not called “scraps” but that’s what I am calling it for now, the kind that comes in squares pre cut to a size. I can use the half price stuff to practice before I get it completely right.

I also saw a blog on quilting, which is a “quilt squares as you go” tutorial, and then join them together with the binding later. Then you don’t need the giant expensive machines etc, so I think that will be the go for my first quilt. I want to start getting my race shirts and things out to see what I can do with them in terms of a quilt, and also ordered some inject printable fabric off eBay so that I can put some finishing photos or something like that with the shirts that I have. I will never wear most of them again, so it’s not a bad idea to do something like that.

Hope it’s not easily washed out!

I think the ripple blanket is going to be a winner. I want to put either a white or black border around the outside as well when I am done. I think it’s around 180cm long at the moment, and I will decide how big I make it on the fly, as it also depends on ending on the right colour! I am just using the cheap spotlight stallion yarn for this one, but the bright colours are working up a treat so I am happy with it.


I found some scarf patterns on revelry that are absolutely incredible, and look so delicate. Not something I ever would have thought I would do. They use 2 and 3 ply yarn, so I have ordered some from Bendigo Woollen Mills to try them out with, as well as some sock yarn and a free sock pattern. That’s something else I definitely want to do, and the yarn that I ordered is an incredible colour.

I know that I have the right size crochet hook for the scarves, but I don’t think I have knitting needles that small, so it might be another trip to spotlight once that stuff arrives!

I am starting to think that I have a bit of a problem. But I think for now, all the purchasing has been done until I need the quilt filling… or maybe I might just make the first one without filling and see how it goes? I don’t know if it matters. Will do some research!

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