And I thought it was done….

I ALMOST finished my Sophiette top thingy… but I made a mistake (that I only realised that I had made overnight while I was asleep) that I had joined the cuffs of the sleeves instead of leaving them open.

The pattern wasn’t that clear and because I am pretty new, there was no instructions either way and everything got confused. But I must be pretty damn clever in my sleep because I woke up this morning knowing that I had to pull it back and do the sleeves again (again….).

Sleeves are under the books in this photo, so it looks pretty ace here

Husband said it looked ace when I had it on… I just need to solve this sleeve issue. I haven’t got the brain capacity for this right now, so I have moved onto another project I saw someone else do. I saw them doing a rainbow snake sort of like my scarf, but it turns out to be a ripple blanket, so I am making one like that.

I also ripped this back a few times as I got the pattern and the number of stitches etc confused, but it’s starting to come together now. I’ve decided to do 4 rows of each colour, and I am up to yellow as of last night.

Before I moved upstairs for the night…

Happy that it’s starting to look more and more what it’s meant to look like, because initially it looked like only the peaks were working and not the valleys, but the more I get into it the more it looks properly.

I might not be using the right size hook or yarn or something, but never mind. It’s getting there.

Even thought I told myself I could play with the sewing machine this weekend, my mother has given me the money for it for my birthday present, and Husband has decided I am not allowed to open it until then! So end of the month will be D day for learning how to sew.

Husband has been looking at second hand sewing cabinets on eBay and that’s bday present to me. I also have the final components of the knitting machine, so will attempt to put that together at some stage. My mission to make a super long snake to knit a giant blanket from are almost coming together as well….! Now just to learn how to do it. The manual has step by step instructions so it looks like I should be able to do it fairly simply.

Otherwise mother can come to my house and help me sort it out.

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