Giving Slippers a rest

I did the two pairs of slippers that I needed to do by a deadline, so I decided it was time to do something else. My friend has just had a baby girl so I made her a small blanket and sent her one of the “here’s one I prepared earlier” beanies. I put them in the post today, so hopefully she will get them by Wednesday.

It’s a bit crooked but it’ll come good.

Two balls of Big W yarn so didn’t cost a lot. I like the yarn though, and I want to try the pattern that’s on the back of the ball, so I might give that a crack at some stage.

Finished slippers: look grouse, can’t wait to make my pair with this yarn

The cotton has worked out so much better for this project, so glad I have a few colours to make work.

I had my third day off in a row today, been working hard on Sophiette. I had to rip back the first armhole though because I made a massive mess of that, but I will definitely get this one finished tomorrow, can’t wait.

I finally put some knitting down to take a bath the other night, not for the most enjoyable reason. I have been having tummy pains and things, and figured I needed a warm bath and some relaxing. It worked for the most part (and the pain killers helped) but kept me up most of the night… never mind.


We will rock you the musical was pretty cool too, went and saw that Saturday, and travelled back to mum and dad’s on Sunday.

I told my nan not to get me anything for Christmas, but just to give me any spare yarn and equipment that she has…. and by the sounds of things she has a lot! So next time I head home I will get to raid another stash of yarn and get more free stuff.

I am watching a sewing cabinet on eBay at the moment too that’s in great knick. Husband actually found it and suggested it, so that was cool. It will be his birthday present to me 🙂

I better go to bed.

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