I did them… but sewing still waits

So part 2 of the knitting machine expedition will end on the weekend with the main bed being picked up Sunday from somewhere near Husband’s home town. I am heading back for my dad’s birthday on the weekend, so it’s ideal actually!

Then I can start to be a nerd and knit this giant cable that I want to do so I can make a giant wool blanket. With or without the woman from etsy that I was trying to buy stuff from. Still haven’t heard from her, I think she’s decided that it’s all too hard. Oh well, it’s her loss as it was a significant amount of money!

I finished nan’s slippers, but I don’t think they are right for her. I want to do another pair. This means: I need to do them over the next two nights as I will see her Saturday morning when I go to her house, and that I need to get another pair of soles from the shops! I have made a list of things that I need to make the next few pairs that I want to finish before Christmas for friends and family.

Yes, I wear odd socks. I don’t even care.

I wonder how this idea would work out for kids flip flops? Maybe I could give that a shot too at some point. If I can find a cheap pair of them to try it on.

Anyway. So I have decided that I will wait until the long weekend to open the sewing machine and start to play with it. The pillow cases will be done, as I now have the thread for the machine, so I think that will take me most of Monday to work out as I have never used a sewing machine before.

I mean, I probably have. I remember making things in Textiles in year 7… I think I made a giant stuffed snake and a few other things, so I must have used a sewing machine before, but I was 12. And I don’t even remember if I did it or if I had to design it and the teacher sewed it. Who knows. The same year I did home ec and a lot of other ridiculous subjects at school that I don’t really need in life.

Well. I do need to cook. But I didn’t need to learn that at school. And now I want to learn how to sew, but it wasn’t like I was going to learn dressmaking at school when I wanted to be a physio or an engineer for a real job. School is not for learning hobbies I don’t think. When it comes down to it I can make mum teach me haha.

Saturday is mostly taken up with going to see my nan and going to see a show with my friend. Then Sunday we will be driving for 3 hours or so I will end up working on my other nana’s blanket in the car for that time (because Husband likes to drive) and then I will have Monday and Tuesday leftover for learning to sew again. That basically sounds like my perfect weekend, is that sad?

I can’t even remember what I used to do before that…. Walk the dogs, train… I used to train a LOT I was always swimming riding or running, coaching, I cooked a lot too. Those things I still do a bit but not as much I guess. More things that I did until I was bored and moved on, so I wonder how long this phase is going to last 😉

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