eBay strikes again

So I accidentally bought a knitting machine off eBay…

I know right? How do you accidentally buy something? Especially something that you need to drive two hours to go and pick up?

Well. First off I am a special cause. Secondly, it was because I didn’t expect my best offer bid to be accepted when it was like half the asking price.

Turns out… it was alright with them!

It looks like there might be a few odds and ends missing form this package, but if there is something missing I can ask mum or even see if I can buy the part. And if it works, I have a plan for it.

While I was at the craft expo I saw these knitting machine ladies who has made a ball of the giant wool out of a strand of knitting plain / purl that curls up into a cable. I have been trying to buy some gigantic wool from a lady on etsy but she doesn’t seem that interested in helping me do so, so stuff her.

Then I saw this ball they had knitted with the machine (in rainbow colours) and then arm knitted into what looked like a giant curtain, which was super cool. There are two positives to doing it this way… 1. The yarn is heaps cheaper, because I can buy a kilo for half the price that the giant yarn costs. 2. I can get the colours that I want from spotlight and just knit it up…

I had sort of just forgotten about it, because who would do that if you don’t have a knitting machine to knit the endless loop of yarn you need to make the cable of yarn, and then I looked on ebay.

So basically, if all the parts are there to make the machine work, I will be stoked. If not, I will just have to  have a chat with mum, who I think has exactly the same one and work out what is missing, if I can source it or make it work without it.

I have decided that I will not open my sewing machine until I have finished the crochet slippers that I promised to make my nan. She is coming around on the weekend, so they need to be done. I have already poked all the holes, and last night I finished the first one that was about 1/3 done so it shouldn’t take me too long to complete the rest.


That way, I will be more motivated to get them done. I really want to play with it, but if I tell myself that I can’t until the slippers are made, then I am more likely to get the slippers done.

I did some more work on Sophiette last night, and I am almost done with the front panel so I can start on the back soon. I have trouble measuring properly, so getting to 25cm or whatever it is is driving me spare at the moment. I think one more run through the pattern and it will be ready to start the next step.

Which, most likely, will be the same thing repeated for the back half of the top!

I still want to make it in a million different colours. Cos I remembered that I have gold and silver thread from mum’s stash to use as well, which would make a whole other world of colour combinations!

Anyway. I had a lady like my blog yesterday that guided me to some awesome patterns and ideas for my sewing. I have saved one of her posts for a dress that I want to make for myself for my brother’s wedding. I will make a nice casual one to start with (because who wants to make the real thing on their first shot!) and also try to find some cheap patterns on ebay that I can get as a starter.

The problem is because I am such a big person I might not be able to find patterns that fit me, I know that I can probably make modifications to them (not sure how easily though?) but I want to start with stuff that is relatively easy to make.

Maybe some toys or kids clothes or something. Not that I have kids.

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