I finished!! I am so excited!

Made Husband take photos but he is not great at it with an iPhone but you get the idea!

I finished it up Friday night and have been wearing it even since. Luckily the Melbourne weather is completely bollox at the moment so that I can get away with such a warm jumper / coat thing. It’s going to stretch out to quite a big size, but that’s alright. It’s nice and thick so won’t be able to wear it for much longer before it’s too warm here.

I started work on the “Sophia” but quickly realised that it’s not going to be by the pattern. In the same way that I check the ingredients of the recipe for guidance then make the rest up myself, I feel like this is what I will be doing with my knitting as well.

I started work on this one in the car

I already have notes all over the damn thing with changes and adjustments based on my yarns, needles and other modifications that I want to make. I guess that means that I am sort of sort of not following the pattern? I’ve never been good at instructions I guess.

I am pretty excited to see how this one turns out. I was reading it, and because I have never really knitted with circular needles before, nor followed a pattern like this I have been struggling to picture how it is going to come together, but I did have a bit of a revelation last night as to how it was going to work, so hope it turns out ok.

Looks nice. Should turn out alright?

I have been having bulk trouble with accidentally decreasing or increasing stitches, and not working it out till later… luckily it’s quite forgiving and I don’t think it will be noticed too much. Like everything it will be the first time that I make it so it will be mine. After that if friends or family want one it will be better!
I reckon I might make this one in a few colours, and I am pretty proud of the sparkle that’s in it as well. I might be able to do this same sparkle thread with a pink, and then I have a blue sparkle as well that would go alright with blue, green or whatever.

I might even do one in white with a purple sparkle through it. Good thing I bought a stack of the mago, because I have already used one and a half balls of it!

I went around to a friend’s place on the weekend to cook her dinner. She has had some family problems and just been all round stressed, so I bought some ingredients, went to her house made a slight mess in her kitchen and fed her dinner.

And I’ll be honest… I am pretty proud of myself.

Chicken & Chorizo risotto and Tomato / Feta / Avocado salad. Oh. And Champagne.

I forgot how much I liked to cook.

Husband is pretty simple. He will eat steak and potato or chicken and potato or lamb and potato and be quite content with life.

He doesn’t like rice unless it’s fried.
He doesn’t like salmon.
He doesn’t like mushrooms.
He doesn’t like avocado.
He can’t handle spice.
He doesn’t like half the entire fucking world.

I mean he’s removed my ability to produce masterchef kind of food, because I can’t really do a lot with peas, corn, carrot, potato and meat.

I mean I probably could but I prefer risotto, pasta, stroganoff, etc etc.

Like even beef stroganoff has to be cooked without the mushrooms for him to eat it, and then that just defeats the whole purpose of adding them later, because if it’s not cooked with it in, it doesn’t get all the flavour etc through it. Not fair!

Anyway. I will get there eventually. It’s only taken four years. I will just cook these things when he is not home!

So I came home from my friend’s house and he’s waited up, which is ace. So I do a few things and head to bed, only to see this:

Boy Dog. In my bed. (Scuse my messy room).

Husbands face doesn’t look like that, I’ve edited the photo because he doesn’t like being identified

This is the face I get when I know nothing else is going to be acceptable except for an entire night of dog cuddling because it’s windy outside.
I am covered in nail scratches (because when I stop he scratches) and exhausted because he would do that every time I fell asleep and stopped patting him…


I went to the stitches and craft expo yesterday before catching up with my brother and his fiance. There was a lot of stuff that I wasn’t that interested in. I got some stitch holders and a gorgeous circular needle set from one of the stands, and purchased my first sewing machine. I have no idea how to sew, but it was a run out model and it was nice and cheap and for the moment it will do what I want it to do.

I also spend another few hundred on ebay last night gathering accessories and the “beginner kit” that I need to be able to start sewing. I have a first project. I have some nice fabric that I wanted to make a couple of pillow cases out of for a box what I have made to rest my crystal collection in… I have cut it all relatively well, and it’s ready to go I just never got around to the sewing part because I would have had to do it by hand… not any more!!

Next step will be to head to Ikea to get a table to have upstairs in the new “craft” room. In the mean time I will need to use the kitchen table and carry the machine and stuff up and down stairs.

Or maybe I will just leave it there until we get the table. Which will be like Christmas time when someone gives me some more money to spend, because I am practically broke now!

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