New Yarn Day!

It was new wool day yesterday, and luckily in the packaging that the yarn is in, I don’t really need to sort it into the drawers, which is awesome… considering there is currently no drawer space!! Once I start using it up and opening packaging I will start to store it away with the loose balls, but for now it sits nicely here on top.

In total, 196 balls and 14kg of yarn!

Now I feel like a true exceptionally crafty person.

I looked at a lot of posts from something called “Rhineback” from American bloggers and on Ravelry, and it seems like some sort of fun wool convention. I haven’t really looked much further into it, but then I saw there was a “Stitches & Craft Expo” this weekend in my state, so I decided that I would go on Sunday. That should be a bit of fun for me to have a look around and see if I can get some ideas.

I am keen to learn to sew things as well so I can make other clothes and maybe stuffed toys and quilts etc, so I think this expo will be a good place to go and have a look around. Husband has agreed to come with me (since I did offer to go to the home show last weekend, but he decided that he didn’t want to go!!) and has been looking at some of the exhibitors and the door prizes and things I could win. Not that I will, but there was an awesome setup like mum has at home with sewing machine, overlocker, desk, drawers etc that would be pretty cool.

I would never go to work if I won that.

So I have my tickets and I’m looking forward to it now.

I decided the other day that I should use my gift from the final stage of the tour de France in July, and have an espresso. That’s what the pic at the top is about. Problem is, turns out that I don’t like espresso, even with 4 sugars in it, so I think I will stick with latte’s and things from now on!

Nice little thing to display. Somewhere. Up high in a glass fronted cupboard. To get dusty. And remind us of our trip…..

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