Blanket needs to be bigger

So I am pretty sure nana’s blanket will need more balls of yarn. Probably around 6. I got to the end of the fourth ball and it’s still not as big as I would like it.
Good thing that I have another four balls to use, and that it’s still October!

I will have to make a change of plans for the Sophia top that I wanted to make myself and wait for a sparkly purple yarn to arrive before I can start on that now. I was going to use this yarn but turns out… won’t have much left after the blanket.

Considering 6 weeks about I didn’t know how to crochet…

Good to know roughly how much I will need for the one that I am making for myself! It’s been a bit of a shock to be calculating how much yarn I will need for each project, me thinking that a few balls of this and that here and there will be alright. Nope. Need shiploads.

Anyway. I am sort of trading between the blanket and the cardigan at the moment. I am almost at the 31cm point on the cardigan where I start the sleeve part and reducing for the V neck, where I need to pay a bit more attention. We will need to go to BIL’s house and finish the air conditioning install so there will be plenty of time to finish it off this weekend I think.

Having a bit of a shit week this week. Not made any better by the fact everything keeps going wrong with our transport company at work, and then I keep forgetting to go to the pharmacy and I ran out of medication last night. I have rheumatoid arthritis, so it’s a bit of a big deal when I forget my medication. I end up quite fatigued, get terrible skin rashes and it’s just all around not that fun.

Anyway. After waiting for 2 hours for the bloody mechanics to change a headlight globe *that I could have actually done myself, except I drive a company car and the reason I went to the mechanics was so I didn’t have to pay* and going to the pharmacy, and with impending physio tonight for my busted leg… I am not in a great mood.

I am tired. I am incredibly sore. I desperately love the idea of doing exercise and then once I get home and eat I can’t be assed… so really, I need to get it done before I eat. Convince myself that 30 minutes no matter what won’t kill me.

But it’s so hard when I get home and my back hurts and my leg hurts and I’d much rather be in bed…

But that’s not why I write this blog is it 😛

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