Trying to get organised

We have a hardware store closing down near us so I’ve been stocking up each time me or Husband go there with these plastic drawer things, and they’re perfect to store things in…

Trouble is I am going to need like 8 more lol.

I could easily stack these things like 4 high, right??

I don’t think that things are so much organised as they are “put away” or “not on the floor” but they are in like kind drawers, but I will still have to open more than one drawer to find stuff, but that’s ok.

I have a WIP drawer and a finished but not sure what to do with drawer (has a couple of little beanies as well as the finished pieces of the cardigan… even though it’s not finished it’s just to keep dogs from eating them.)
I still have nowhere to put the incoming stash but chances that is going to head off into the cupboard with all the yarn on cones that I got from my mum that don’t have a home as yet, because I have a few projects to do with the yarn that I have before I even think about finding cool things to do with the new yarn.

I started off the opposite front of the cardigan so I can get it out of the way. It wasn’t as tedious as the back was, purely because it was so big because I think I made the wrong size… never fear. It will work just as well for someone else if I decide that I don’t like it after it’s done!

Scarf is done for my friend’s birthday, I will finish the making of the matching hat today.
I realised that I didn’t have the right flip flop soles to do Julz’s slippers so I have started on Nan’s. The slightly more expensive soles are easier to poke pins in, so i might just suck it up and buy the $4 ones instead of the $2 ones….

All in all, with a bloody sore ankle and no idea why, I will be sitting a fair bit this weekend I imagine.

Girl dog had to go to the vet for the last of her 4 weekly injections this morning, and she chose a cows ear on the way out of the shop.

Even carried it all the way to the car herself

This morning was quite laid back, we took girl dog in to the vet then home, went to the reject shop to find that their cheap (and kinda dodgy but alright) yarn was on sale because that was the end of it so I bought a few balls to add to the stash. It’s alright to make the kids from footy beanies out of during the season so it’s not a bad investment.

The big greeny one said $9 for the ball but I only paid 4, so basically a bargain.


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