People have lost their minds

You forget your phone for ONE DAMN DAY and it’s the day that everyone loses your mind, so of course because people can’t ring you so IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT.

This is why I have a work phone and a personal phone. Because I can gaurantee if those people from “WORK” had my “PERSONAL” number they would bloody well ring that to try and find me, just to find out they had interrupted a funeral or something and still expect me to do what they wanted me to do.


Humans. Why am I in sales.

The markers at the end of the needle are so I can count repeats of the pattern. Because I’m retarded

Anyhow. Some progress has been made on the cardigan. I am still doing the same front, trying to get some exercise in after work, and I have started with a scarf and hat combo similar to my maroon set that I will give to a friend’s wife for her birthday on Monday. I didn’t really want to buy her a present, and people love getting hand made things, even though it IS almost summer here, she can just wait until next winter to wear it. And the yarn cost me nothing as it was a donation from mother in law last time she was down. Win win!

Yep. It’s a pile of yarn. On top of my laptop

I’ve been looking for online stores for yarn that is cheap that I can just do some new projects and practice with and I stumbled on the sale page for Ice yarns. The postage is a kicker, but even with that included some of the stuff I bought it heaps cheaper than can be bought in shops around here.

Let’s just say that we hope Husband doesn’t see the credit card bill any time soon.

Stocking myself up for the four day weekend that I have coming up where he will most likely be at work the whole time…!!

Oh, and I started on ball 4 of the yarn for nana’s blanket as well, so that was a positive. Because of the size now it’s hard really to see any progress, so won’t be any more pictures of that until it’s finished. I am pretty sure it will be done after 4 balls and then the outside wavy edge (I don’t know what it’s called, I’m making it up) as nan is pretty small and it’s just for her as a lap blanket.

I’ve basically had enough of the world today, so I am going to do some more of the cardigan and listen to girl dog snore and hope that my brain settles down. Otherwise I yell at people for no reason. I’m not great at explaining things, so it’s easier to yell so people stay away from me.

Poor Husband.

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