Tiring weekend

It was a long weekend of ridiculous presentation nights and installing air con at BIL’s house. I basically sat downstairs and project managed for most of the time and knitted until they needed me.

Saturday morning I had an escapade to the vet with the furry ones. Girl dog is currently getting injections for her bad hip, and while she doesn’t like the vet at all she just gets it done. She is getting older so I am guessing more and more vet trips are going to be on the cards now she is more than 10 years old. Big dog, so they apparently age quicker.

On Friday Husband took Boy dog to the vet to have his teeth cleaned. He doesn’t enjoy the vet AT ALL and actually carries on in a quick embarrassing manner when he gets there. He’s 40kg worth of dog, and my does he put on a performance. After the procedure and having his nailed and fur around his paws trimmed, he was all out of sorts. Smacking his lips because his teeth feel weird, and refusing to walk anywhere because his feet felt weird.

Then I did the worst thing… took him to the groomer for a big wash and brush. Right next to the vet, same damn building. I had a plan though, I knew he would carry on, so I asked them it there was a back door so that he didn’t have to walk over the slippery floor to get there… and a fat lot of good that did. He was still a terror, I had to grab his front and the vet nurse his behind and we carried the stupid mutt into the groomer. I lost my keys (but found them again eventually) and then carried on with my day until he was ready.

I had a plan to take a long bath, but I didn’t because knowing my luck I would get in and ten minutes later the vet would call to say he is ready to come home. And I don’t want him to stay there for longer than he needs to, because I would feel bad… so I sat on the couch and did some work on the cardigan while watching the car racing, because it’s Bathurst weekend. If you’re not Australian, you might not get that.

Saturday night we had presentation night for football. We didn’t get fed till super late, I hadn’t eaten a lot and 4 drinks in I was quite vibrant and didn’t want to sit there and behave. Husband yelled at me more than once during the night to settle down or stop something. Oh well.

Sunday I caught up with some old work mates for lunch, as well as did a mercy dash home from BIL’s house (30 mintues each way) because Husband forgot to pack the controller for the AC for us to install. So not a lot of knitting on Sunday, but enough to get the back done.

Don’t look too hard, I don’t want you to notice my mistakes!

I made a couple of mistakes that I am not sure how they happened on the back, but because of the yarn colour it’s not that noticeable, so I left them. If it were for anyone else I would have fixed them but it’s just for me and I know what I did wrong… Late last night I cast off the back and have started on the first front panel.

I think the colours will come out better on these panels with less stitches across

It’s a lot of repeating for this pattern, and now it doesn’t seem so scary to try some slightly harder stuff. I have some yarn scraps that I am going to practice cabling on before I start another project that I have in the queue, because I have no idea what I am doing with cables. I did find a youtube video that seems like a good teacher, but can’t check it out more at work. So when I finish off this one I will have a go.

Nana’s blanket still hasn’t made any progress since I ran out the last ball of yarn, but it is definitely sitting there with another ball ready to start up again. Husband works tonight so I will get to sit quietly upstairs and just work on projects all night. I will get on the bike for a while before I settle in just so that I have some kind of exercise done before I see the surgeon again tomorrow morning!

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