The cardigan is going to be ace

So last night I was able to make a bit more progress on the cardigan and the pattern is coming up a treat. 

I desperately wish I had bought longer needles though because it’s a struggle sometimes keeping it all on the damn needles. Especially when boy dog wants to sit in my lap because he’s scared of the wind… and it’s been so damn windy here lately! 

It’s so windy the trees here grow croooked

So now I am just knitting the pattern over and over until I get the the length which will be tonight I think, and then start reading the pattern again. 

Looking forward to it! 

Pattern looks cool, different to anything I’ve done before
Cool colours, really happy with how this is going!

So girl dog is completely.horrified at the moment and won’t stop crying because Husband had to take boy dog to the vet. She behaves as if she hates his guts and wants him to leave our family most of the time, but I knew she secretly loved him. They’ve been together for six years now so it makes sense. 

She hated him when I got him because he was adopted and she had been alone for four years…. bit like human kids actually. He was playful and he’s gorgeous and she hated that because she doesn’t like the attention that he gets. 

So hopefully she will simmer down when he gets home, he’s just having his teeth cleaned and his claws trimmed. 

And hopefully the wind stops soon so he can stay out of my lap the big oomph. 

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