I started the cardigan

Finally decided that I can’t put it off any more, so got into it last night.

Knowing I would have to double up with my yarn because it’s not right I figured I better learn how to do a tension square so watched a video on youtube to work it out.

Excuse my bike shorts. I had just finished a bit of a spin

The yarn is pretty, I think it’s going to turn our great as a finished product, I think also using the two balls together will make a nice effect.

I think this going to to turn out super cool; and granny blanket in the background

So anyway, after not really thinking through the length of my needles and the size of the cardigan I am making (I am going for the XL) and potentially making it a little bigger because my tension square was a bit off… example, instead of 16 stitches I had 15.5 and instead of 24 rows I had 22… I am ok with that, because if anything that will make the cardi bigger rather than smaller, so I am going with it… I realised that my needles might not be long enough.

I just need to work with them a little more carefully I think, because the work is close to falling off the edge, but never mind.

Pretty chuffed with this. I like my new ring as well, but obviously that wasn’t the intention of the photo

To be honest I haven’t achieved anything astounding at the moment. I am working on the back first, which is just knitting the same two rows over and over until it’s about 31cm long, but the fact that I have gotten this far and started makes me happy.

I am not looking ahead in the pattern, lest I confuse myself and decide that it is far too hard. Because that’s definitely likely to happen.

We are basically spending the entire weekend at Husband’s brother’s house so that we can install his airconditioning, so I will have plenty of time to work through this while they do that. I designed the system and purchased all the pieces, but I can’t get up in the roof with a busted foot so the boys are doing most of it themselves. Which is not too bad, because Husband is learning about ductwork and AC every day, so he’s going alright.

I do still need to start on the rest of the slipper projects, I get the feeling that they will happen again when I get frustrated with this jumper thing.

Also, how do I even knit all these together? I had a weird dream last night that there was a special way to do it, but don’t remember much of it. Might be another youtube mission for me once I have the three pieces that I need to make an actual item of clothing.


Had a bit of a pedal on the bike last night before I settled into knitting, because I need to really get this ankle moving sooner rather than later, otherwise I am going to be a hop along for the rest of my life, so while Husband runs on the treadmill, I get on my time trial bike on the trainer beside him while he watches the TV really loud and confuses the dogs while he runs and they go nowhere.

The good thing about being inside is I can control the resistance of the bike instead of putting too much impact on the joint like I might outside.
The bad thing is it’s boring at batshit and you get hot really easily.

Can’t have everything I guess!

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