Still delaying starting the new project!

Husband has decided that this is my best beanie yet… which is a surprise to me because it wasn’t even a planned project and I just had some leftover yarn after making a random scarf because this yarn I had found was on sale and fluffy.

I was going to give it to my aunt or something for Christmas but he thinks I should keep these ones.

And considering my distaste at him taking this picture last night (I’m hiding in my shirt because I was worried I had two chins) I wonder if I will give it away. It’s a nice soft wool, and a simple pattern. I will finish off the scarf tonight after I have a ride on the bike and see where I end up. Maybe wear it to work and see how I like it.


It was still windy last night, but I slept better than the couple of nights before it. I am still exhausted, but the fact that the sun is up later at night is making it easier to do things… like exercise. Or cook tea.

I had a very long meeting with my boss this morning about the customer reviews. He was surprised at how well some of my customers are doing, as if I sit here doing nothing all day. I work very differently to the gents in the office, and I don’t think he is used to it. But he has pulled all the quotes that we have done to compare, as well as sales figures and mine stack up incredibly well so there is nothing to worry about there.

It just drives me mental that the same questions get asked over and over about how come I don’t look as busy as everyone else, or why aren’t I stressed…

Because in terms of my job, I manage my time incredibly well. I get things done immediately instead of leaving them until the last minute. I make sure I call customers back in a timely matter (if I can’t answer the phone in the first instance). I think that’s just good sales skills. And my customers (apart from a select few that have problems with women in general, and I don’t take that personally any more that’s just their generation) think I am a bloody miracle because they can get me on the phone or that I ring them back when I say I will.

Sigh. This is why I never wanted to be a sales person I guess, because the “typical” sales person drives me mental in this industry.

I can’t put many more delays in new projects though. Tonight I will get some exercise done and if I find I have idle hands post getting this scarf completed it’s definitely time to start making the slippers for Julz and my mum. Mum wants a pair in blue and another pair in purple so I will have to go to Big W at some stage to get some new flip flops for bases but I have enough to go on with for now.

I think I will be less depressed and lazy when the sun starts coming out a bit more and I feel like it’s Spring for real…!

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