Avoiding hard things

I finally decided that it was time to get back on the bike after my ankle operation last night. I lasted approximately 13 minutes before my ankle was hot and I started to feel some pain in the area, mostly from scars pulling (and breaking up I am assuming) but I am hoping to repeat the process every night until I can manage an hour or so, then I can join Husband on his outdoor runs. On the bike of course, ha. I don’t run.


I have decided that this random scarf needs a matching hat as well. I am sort of putting off starting off the cardigan that I want to make, because I am not really sure what I am doing, as per usual. But I will be learning something new so I just need to suck it up and give it a shot.

I wanted to make a crochet dress thing, and I have everything I need to do it but then I made the mistake of reading the comments on the pattern… and they said it was hard and badly written etc etc. Ugh. Of course it is.


I had a look around and found some other stuff that I want to make too, but I don’t have all the equipment so back to eBay it is. Good thing one of the blokes that I coach pays with paypal, I just use his funds straight up on eBay to get new equipment when I need it. Or new yarn, which I did order because my nephew wants a camo beanie. Of course, camo, because it couldn’t have been an easy colour could it.

I really should suck it up and start making the slippers that my friends and family want as well, now that I have the yarn. That might be a project that I get onto crochet wise before I start knitting the cardigan. The one I want to make is here, and it seems easy enough. I mean for someone who doesn’t understand shit about knitting patterns.


I guess I will learn the same as I do with the crochet patterns, bit by bit. And probably frog it a few times and start again. I obviously have no problems doing that, I started the beanie that goes with fluffy scarf last night and I mis counted the amount of stitches that I had cast on and had to rip it up and start again. I got so mad at Husband for no reason as well. I blame hormones.


I really want to make this top too, but I didn’t have the needles to make it so I ordered them yesterday. They will take about a week, and then I will need to choose a yarn to make it out of, or maybe buy some. Or potentially just choose something that I already have to make it from… I don’t have anything the right weight, but I did a bit of research yesterday and realised that I could use two 8 ply yarns to mimick a 10 ply yarn, and that’s kind of cool because I can mix colours or patterns or whatever and get funky effects. So I might try that for this pattern, and use some of the yarn that I already have rather than buying more.

Because Husband I don’t think can stand any more yarn in the house, or he will have to invest more money in the Master’s closing down sale for plastic sets of drawers to keep everything in.

While for the first time in ever I think it’s fabulous that the weather is cool still so I can wear the things that I have made so far, it’s also a pain in the ass because when it rains people drive like idiots, and when it’s windy no one sleeps in my house, because the dog is scared of wind. Yep. A 38kg Shepherd, scared of the wind. So he tries to sleep in bed with us, and then no one sleeps.

Anyway. I think the mission for tonight (after the ankle test on the bike) is going to be Julz’s slippers.

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