Please, let me go back to work

For the first time in a very long time I am so keen to get back to work.

When the inlaws are here they drive me mad. Like when MIL just won’t shut the fuck up when I am trying to watch something. Or FIL behaves like a small damaged dog that you’ve hit on the head when you tell him he shouldn’t be giving cooked bones to your animals.

Like fuck me. I am telling you something, not smacking you in the face. Apologise and say that you didn’t know, not carry on for the next three hours like I just kicked you in the nuts.

Far out.

Anyway. Dogs won the AFL grand final, and that was bloody awesome. I managed to finish off the beanie for Heather, as well as start a couple scarves. One the same for me as well as a hat, and another one out of wool a friend bought for me as a thank you for giving them a massage on Friday

I deliberately made my hat bigger so that it was baggy. I might add a flower or something to it for a laugh. I do have a heap of yarn scraps that I need to do something with.

Thank god I go back to work tomorrow. I can’t stand any more. They are going home tonight so it means I will be able to be a normal human in my own house again.

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